Bamford is an affluent suburban area (pop. 9,693) within the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, says Wiki. It says nothing else, not even that it now has a GBG entry under its own name !

I almost skipped this diary entry, but I knew the Tand would want to hear about beer quality in his balliwick, and he might enjoy the Sunday brunch at a packed Suburb. Chorizo, eggs and spinach salad, but then you’d have guessed that.

It was very good, but hardly bargain, as little is these days now I come from £3 a pint Sheffield.

As I paid, the snow arrived, and by the time I reached the Elephant & Castle it was settling.

At 11:58 I stood on the porch and hoped it’d open on time.

Of course, at that precise moment a member of staff walked past me pushed the door open with that “What are you waiting for ?” look. Pubs are as likely to be open early as late in 2021.

Modern conservatory at the back with napkins and place settings, high tables and casual dining in the open plan bar.

But no “Will Sir be dining with us ?”, and a trad range of Marston’s beers.

The staff were friendly, if bemused at my rapid half of a lovely Pedi (3.5) as I had to dash to avoid the snowfall. In the words of Otis Junior and Dr. Dundiff,

they didn’t need to know. I left before the gentlefolk showed up for Sunday roast.

An hour later I was walking through sludge to the Etihad, where a group of Happy Hammers asked me if there was a pub near the ground.

The Bradford” I said, instinctively, pointing round the corner, knowing that was pretty much their only option these days.

An excellent effort to get from Brentwood or Barking to Manchester by 1pm in dodgy weather conditions; I hope they got to stop somewhere exciting like Grantham for a beer on the way back.

Another gripping match, but my feet weren’t gripping the surfaces on the way out of the ground so I booked an overnight room at the closest Ibis.

Mrs RM didn’t seem too perturbed I wasn’t back that night, which I guess is both good and bad.

My trip to Wigan would turn out to be entirely good.


  1. “Mrs RM didn’t seem too perturbed I wasn’t back that night, which I guess is both good and bad.”
    Laughed out loud at that.
    BTW, currently drinking a Coconut and Tonka Bean Milk Stout from Croatia, which came in a case of Croatian beer which Mrs B kindly got me. It’s… interesting. I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing.


      1. Yup, Beer 52, intro offer, pay postage only. Gonna cancel though, only so much craft murk I can take. The Wine Shop on Lerwick’s busy Commercial St provides me with Shiehallion and Bitter & Twisted and that’ll do me.


  2. Your mention of gentlefolk coming for the Sunday roast got me wondering: have you ever had a Sunday roast at a pub?

    I gather some pubs have tried to create the feeling of Sunday roast at the pub being a grand old tradition, but surely it’s of relatively recent vintage. I remember going to pubs in the 80s where the bar staff looked askance at us when we asked if they had crisps!


  3. That looks like somebody dropped a plate of food onto a random patch of vegetation. This time of year demands sustenance that looks as though it would keep you alive through 7 days of no power.


  4. I have a confession to make. I have never been in the Elephant and Castle. Always mean to go, particularly as the elephant and castle are the coat of arms of my home town, Dumbarton.
    When GBG discussions take place,I can play no part in this pub’s merits or otherwise.

    I will make it my go.


    1. It’s good to get branch GBG recommendations for what’s essentially a neighbourhood dining pub (I guess the Oxford north of Rochdale is similar) and it certainly deserves a Guide place based on first beer out of the pump on a Sunday. I’d quote this an an example of the GBG getting it right when people who complain about the Guide (but rarely seem to go to Guide pubs) say that pubs get selected on quantity not quality.


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