One of the many beneficial developments in soccer these last few years, along with VAR and sports-washing, is the introduction of (XG) Expected Goals, a measure of how many goals each team SHOULD have scored if they could kick straight.

In the event that City lose a game we dominate, we take comfort in the recent news that (XG) will be used should points being equal at the end of the season.

Here’s the (XG) from one of only TWO (2) games (the other was the Euros final) I’ve watched on telly since Covid.

City won the (XG) battle 3.53 to 0.70, Southampton missing a sitter represented by the big red blob but scoring with a 1% chance from the centre circle. The medium sized blue circles are City’s misses.

I was thinking about conversion rates on the train back to Stafford after a great little excursion to Shrewsbury. Another 10 pubs saved, but only 2 ticks.

Resisting the call of Geek Retreat I weaved my way towards the Gaol car park to pick up my overnight bag.

Oh, go on then. It’s practically staring at me, and I can get a Chinese takeaway from Bamboo Garden (NCTSS 3) at the same time.

Aren’t backstreet pubs near prisons alluring ?

Internally, the Greyhound isn’t a stunner, but it is a GBG regular,

and there seemed to be a posse of CAMRA members in the next room ordering cask (I stayed with the 2 lads watching football and discussing boiler repairs), so the Farmers Blonde should be decent.

And it was; cool, crisp, tasty. Lacings don’t lie, as Shakira nearly sang.

But the Greyhound was one of the 52 pubs I visited in November that didn’t get me a new pink mark in the Guide.

Eighty-four (84 pubs) spread around the country in large towns and small villages has an (XP) expected pubs of 66, more than BRAPA managed last month. My mere 32 represents profligacy and lack of focus.

Improvements are needed from now on, or else Tony Pulis as manager, I dunno.


  1. They hang us now in Shrewsbury Jail
    The whistles blow forlorn
    And trains all night groan on the rail
    To men who die at dawn
    (A E Housman)
    It’s being so cheerful that keeps me going.

    Liked by 2 people

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