So predictable.

With 20 minutes till the train back to Stafford and a 10 minute walk through the back streets to get there, I had to squeeze in a half at the Loggerheads.

In truth, the journey there was as good as the destination.

I enter to the sound of Shakey’s “Merry Christmas, Everyone“. That’s probably all you need know.

It’s not busy, but there’s noise coming from three of the rooms. I pick the fourth, the one with the barman in it, but then nip out for a look around while he pours a half of Banks’s Amber.

Some will consider this a classic beer range, some not.

It’s worth £1.30 just to see the interior, but this was a lovely drop. cool and rich (3.5).

I hope it’s busier by the weekend, but the quiet gives me a chance to capture this photo of Shrews legend (?) Wayne Clarke, here in the colours of a small Merseyside team.

What can I say ? Classic seating, lovely cheap beer, quirky furnishings. All you could ever want really.

Another minute dawdling and I’ve had needed to find a 5th Shrewsbury pub in an hour, though, and that won’t do at all.


  1. Used to be a Bass pub, and they kept Bass on for a few years after Banks’s/Marston’s took it over. Truly wonderful pub, but on recent visits the beer has never been *that* good.


    1. The first minute out of Blackburn station is fairly good (or will be once the mass stabbing tent has gone). The walk through the park in Stafford. Huddersfield.


  2. One of those pubs where you wish it was just Banks’s Bitter, Banks’s Mild, ideally served on some kind of 70’s electric diaphragm pumpage. Good job it ain’t ‘every room in every pub in the GBG’. For future reference, I understand the corridor (room 5) is the correct choice for pub men.

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