After the Railway Inn, Will and Paul set off into the night in search of Doom Bar; I headed for the station in search of at least a couple of GBG ticks.

Oooh, how about Shrewsbury ?  Two possible routes, too. Via Crewe or Wolves. Guess which I chose.

The highlight of the trip, apart from the 10 minutes in Wolves which proved insufficient to find the right exit to the Great Western, was the dual pronunciations of Shroosbury and Shrowsbury on the train.  If the locals can’t get it right what earthly chance have we ? Mudgie will know.

Outside the station, which looks very lovely,

I see something called “Iron & Fire“.  Is that my first tick ?

Nope.  “Tap & Can“. I was close.

This was the only Shropshire GBG21 entry I failed to do, so it’s good to clear it early on.

After the basic booziness of the Railway, the Tap & Can is a different world.

Just as some of you hang on my every word about Bass, others will be keen to know what craft keg was on.

Yes, that rare craft from Brownhills brewer ABK that Matt likes.

The Only True Way to a Guide tick is via craft, of course. In this case Snow Eater, or Yellow Snow Eater for the Zappa-heads.

I liked it a lot, even if all the other punters were 25 year old Software engineers called Steve who said things like “That’s….pleasurable”.

Like in that Pursuit of Hoppiness in Windsor recently, the welcome was warm and genuine, allowing an unforced bit of banter about the allowable time to start serving Christmas beers.

And the Brass Castle, as always, was rich and lovely (3.5).

A couple of software engineers called Steve came in, noted the 8% DIPA, and said “Well that’s my evening sorted then”.

But I had one more tick to do, and never did find out what this was;


  1. “Will and Paul set off into the night in search of Doom Bar” but got distracted by the Jennings Cumberland Ale in the Market Vaults.
    I have it on good authority that it’s neither Shroosbury nor Shrowsbury but Shoesbury.

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