My second Salop tick was over the Severn,

after I’d dragged myself away from the Marston’s pub next to the craft bar.

Shrewsbury looks gorgeous in the dark, and I almost wish I still had its ten or so GBG pubs still to do.

The Anchor (top) is a fairly modest new entry, rather refined, with a new member of staff being taught how to pull pints the highlight. She did a decent job on the Town Crier, though I expect my vocal encouragement and “It’s a bit lively” didn’t help her first day.

It was cool, crisp, and a little dull, but probably deserved its GBG entry.

The HPA was even more lively. “Trust me to pick HPA” said suited bloke as the Wye Valley spluttered out, which didn’t help matters.

Contemporary music from Spector (not Phil), and a lot of couples contemplating tea.

I was contemplating tea, but from a Chinese takeaway back in Stafford, and headed back into the heart of Shrewsbury which is one of our prettiest towns at Christmas (not that I believe in Christmas).

I should have headed straight back to the station, but having paid a daft amount for the train, I knew I’d have to do a return visit to justify the expense.

But which one, dear reader ?


  1. I’d be heading for a quiet pint in the Nags Head, but the missus would have dragged me past to House of Grain, scene of the infamous ‘several beers too many’ on our last jaunt to Shrewsbury. I’m certain you went to the Admiral Benbow or Coach & Horses though.

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      1. I nearly did, but visited relatively recently and blogged about it, so good to do some I hadn’t done for years. And the disappointment if Bass had been off would have been great.

        Did you do a Proper Day Out in Shrewsbury?


      2. Never have. I think we felt we wanted to concentrate on less familiar places, although it was certainly on the longlist. Not been there since October 2018.


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