One more day of Stafford posts from last Thursday, then I can bring you November highlights AND a little series of posts moaning celebrating the detail in the new GBG.

You left me at the Bird In Hand, where I nipped off to check in to my digs at Bridgewood House, leaving Will and Paul to race ahead and bag a table at the Railway Inn.

Bridgewood House used to be college digs, and is attached to what used to be a Hogshead.

Despite those setbacks, it’s got clean, simple rooms and for £34 including breakfast (with bacon butty !) is hard to beat.

As was the stroll through the back streets to the Railway Inn.

Paul talks about this one as much as Life After Football does that Coalville boozer, and I challenge you to keep walking (if you do you’ll end up on the railway line, so not advised).

I walked in to find Paul ordering the Bass.

There’s no Bass on, can’t get it.

Now this is war, how come Life After Football finds foaming pints in every social club in the next county ?

Oh, well, Landlord will have to do.

It’s a very good drop of Landlord, too, cool and crisp, but it’s the pub that’s the star.

Particularly if you get the table with the view of the fire.

OK, a bit blokey, reminiscent of the Stile in Wolves, with lots of talk of “giving Carrick his fair due“.

Of course it’s not in the GBG, hasn’t been for years, and some folk expect rather different furnishing to this in 2021.

The Railway will do for me though, particularly when they get the Bass back.


  1. Bass in all four of my favoured Bass drinking establishments recently. It’s you Martin, word goes ahead of you that there’s a Doom enthusiast on the way and they worry you’ll take agin the glassware or snatch or something. Wear a Blues shirt, you’ll be swimming in the stuff

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    1. Ooh! I’d love to acquire the status of an ‘emergency’. I’m currently languishing at ‘disturbance’ having been promoted from the ignominy of ‘irritant’…

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  2. Maybe Punch are to blame for the absence of Bass.
    The Railway is definitely the Stafford pub least changed since I moved here 48 years ago.

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