Yes, more Stafford, it never ends.

Next we did the cultural bit.

For a bit, anyway.

Oh, yes, the Hovis street, I wanted Will to see that.

What’s keeping you ?” said Paul, who’d made the Bird In Hand half an hour before. His pace is undiminished in 18 months.

Now this was Black Country Ales second attempt to impress me tonight, and it won on welcome,

if not quite on beer. Pig on the Wall is my default pint in a Black Country pub, even when it never quite tastes like it should.

Of course, this post just invites a debate about whether that’s a cheese and onion cob, or bap, or barm, or bread roll. Paul stuck to pork scratchings, which are less controversial.

Will made notes.

My only notes say “Will put a line through it“, which sounds like a Destiny’s Child lyric.

If you know what Will put a line through, do let me know.

16 thoughts on “COB, PINT OF MILD, FIRE

    1. LAF,
      Yes, I fear many more pubs would have been lost if they hadn’t been taken on by the likes of BCA and Titanic ( though they’ve given up the White Star in Stoke ) and Dorbiere who have four Stafford pubs.

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  1. My informed guess having read Will’s reviews of Stafford elsewhere is that he was amending his notes to reflect the fact that he had to get a duff beer changed.

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      1. I appreciate your praise for my modest effort.

        I thought the previous reviewer on PuG was being factual rather than laudatory when reporting eight handpumps.

        It depends whether we think ‘eight pumps good’ or ‘my god what are they doing’. The implication is in the mind of the reader, rather than the writer.


      2. If the only pint Alan drank was really good and he marked the pub accordingly, was he, by inference, praising the large number of beers on the bar? Possibly. It’s likely, in my view, that he had absorbed the general acceptance of choice being good, but I don’t think his review *necessarily* reads that way.

        When you go in a pub and drink the only beer and it’s fantastic, you often mention, or at least imply, that it’s *because* there’s only one beer. And I don’t disagree with you, though I would say there are exceptions at both ends of the spectrum.


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