I rather disclosed the rest of the itinerary in that last post, didn’t I ?

On to the most photogenic part of the trail, as Stafford’s Ancient High House retains its majesty, despite being sullied by Savers Health & Beauty and Fone Giant. As always, look UP (and expect to bump into someone).

Joule’s Rose & Crown is rather camera-friendly, too.

After Black Country Ales and Titanic, this is third of the triumvirate of regional brewers’ pubs in Stafford, which may or may not be a little dismissive of Slaters.

It must be at least six years, before this blog, since I visited the Rose & Crown, but it looks exactly like what you’d expect a market town Joule’s pub to look like, right down to the “Ye” and the “Olde“.

Right down to the adverts.

But that’s not to say I don’t like their pubs. Their flagship in Market Drayton, and a certain Burton boozer whose name escapes me temporarily, are in my Top 100.

And look at that lovely seat I’ve made my own while Will and Paul peruse the beers.

Paul and I go for the seasonal Old No.6, which I thought was a Barnsley pub, and compare satisfied “Mmms”. It’s perfectly conditioned and seems stronger than its 4.8% (NBSS 3.5%).

Here’s a random photo of a man happy to be back in a pub, even if it was with us.

We had a lively discussion about the architectural merits of the Joule’s estate; Paul isn’t a fan, I care les but find the wall coverings a bit naff (SEE ALSO : Brunning & Price’s bile beans).

But there’s a good range of seating for a good range of custom, from courting couples to complaining codgers, and I can’t say better than that, can I ?


  1. It certainly is a shame to see such a lovely historical building dragged into the present by a business called Fone Giant. Ah well, at least it’s not a McDonald’s

    I got curious seeing the word “Water” lovingly painted onto the window. Was it the second part of a two word phrase? Holy Water maybe? 😉

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    1. That intrigued me as I approached the pub, but it’s just a list of the drinks that were available at the time the glass was being made. So it’s boring old “MINERAL WATER”. (And ALES is preceded by PALE, of course.)


      1. Sorry, that’s not come across very clearly. There are 3 windows, and the full phase is “Fine pale ales brewed with pure mineral water”.

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  2. That’s a great picture of Paul.

    I’ll add my vote to the ‘less is more’ camp with regards to Joules decor, they could lose about half of the repro breweriana on the walls.

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  3. “Paul isn’t a fan” – yes, I find nearly all their interiors to be a dreadful hotchpotch but I like their beer and thought that Old No 6 was a proper winter beer and well kept. ,

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