And you can read that how you like.

From Chester, which is partly in Welsh, we converted our campervan into a full foreign holiday by crossing the border in pursuit of a few GBG ticks in North-East Wales.

My giant spreadsheet showing the possible/hopeful/over-ambitious opening times for my 487 pub targets says of the Dinorben Arms “Brunning & Price, so def. open (but unbearable)”.

I guess it’s in tiny Bodfari (pop.7) to attract the moneyed gentlefolk from Rhyl to the Clwydian Hills.

The original pub looks idyllic,

but somewhere along the way a series of unsympathetic extensions have provided B & P with the space from which to serve £15 burgers and £10 G & T s to a grateful market.

I kid you not, the car park is bigger than the village. Baa Baa Toure enjoyed the views. We don’t have hills in Sheffield.

You might sense I’m a bit harsh on Messrs Brunning & Price. They bring gentlefolk back to pubs, serve local beers and their staff are unfailingly polite.

But I detest this sign;

And I find their “pubs” more indenti-kit than Spoons, with their decor and adverts for bile beans and too many beers on the bar.

The old folk pushed in front of me at the bar, and I didn’t get my half of Purple Moose (NBSS 3, as per) till 12:07.

And an attempt at drinking inside was met by “All the tables are reserved, Sir”.

Stuff your tables.

NB Due to an accident on the A55 and an urgent need for a haircut our Welsh adventure ended there. But I’ll be back.


  1. Used to go through Bodfari on the way to visit relatives in That Rhyl when I was a kid. It had a quarry/cement works/both that turned the whole place grey with the dust. Is it still there?
    That part of NE Wales/Cheshire borders is well supplied with B & Ps. We have the Pant Yr Ochain just outside Wrexham, the Boat in Erbistock and possibly the Grosvenor in Pulford, as well as the Dinorben. It’s well posh where I come from 😂


  2. When visiting family last summer we stayed in a lovely converted outbuilding in perfectly pronouncable Aberchwiler (or Aberwheeler if you must) which overlooks Bodfari, and the massive multilevel carpark of Dinorben Arms just dominates the view of the village. I was considering dragging the wife and kids there for food (just so that I could have a rare pint), but the sign outside got my back up a little as well when I walked by one evening.
    The place was in the papers recently as a guy chocked to death on a piece of steak there. On that cheery note, I’ll stop commenting for a while, I think!

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