Almost a Morrissey lyric as we cross the famous border separating North-West and North-East Wales, the subject of ferocious battle between Abercolwyn and Vale of Clwyd CAMRA branches over many years.

An abandoned tin of Wrexham lager at Ty’n-y-Llyn marks the border.


I’ve already lost some of my subscribers this week with a succession of microposts.

Enough of the craft already” writes reader Dave “US” Southworth. Patience, Dave.

ALL six bars on this trip fall into the micro model, but perhaps the Dove at Rhyl is a third category; smaller civilised suburban bar.  The Sefton micro, if you like.


Whizzing round pubs isn’t my preferred way of ticking, but I did bring you a full review of Rhyl street art in the summer, so I don’t feel too guilty.

It’s an effort to find entertainment in micros, but the Dove makes a real effort with its “Christmas hat on a stick in a pail“. Beats jam jars anyday.

Match to your beer style

Another of those pubs fun by Dovecote, giving Duncan the chance to practice his pronunciation again (Docket).

Please keep children on a lead

He’s asked me to clarify I pushed him into his selection of a flight in all these pubs.  “Only a complete fool would try to complete the Beer Guide on pints” he said.

How Duncan felt by now
Cushions at the bar. Discuss.

Half a mile from the beach, it’s  very Rhyl, and I don’t mean that as praise or criticism. It was pubby without being beery, if you know what I mean.

No idea why he left the middle one.  Probably an Alice in Wonderland thing

But you came for the loo, and it’s a cracker. Steptoe would be proud.

I didn’t inspect the ladies. Sorry.


22 thoughts on “AM I STILL (IN) RHYL ?

      1. T’other Mudgie.
        Yes, I don’t doubt that there are proper pubs thereabouts worth going to.
        I don’t know the north Wales coast at all well having only really spent time in Llandudno, Conway, Bangor and Caernarfon.


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