Last report from Beautiful Bloomin’ Barnsley, a title the TIC can have for the price of a pint of Smooth in our last pub on Friday afternoon.

Yes, it’s BACK to the Shakespeare, as unlikely a return visit as you’ll get on any pub blog this year.

Mrs RM was a little unconvinced, but the 100% absolutely authentic likeness of young Marilyn and old Bill won her over.

In the garden the table we were pointed to was nabbed by someone faster than Mrs RM, but a kindly gent from Doncaster offered us a seat on our table, which he immediately regretted as his moderately questionable views were then dismantled by his guest over the next half hour.

I admired a Donny man enjoying his new found freedom by travelling to Barnsley to save 10p on a pint.

John Smiths Smooth (NJSSSS 4), the people choice, for me, a VERY large G & (slimline) tonic for her. To be fair, she’d had more Smooth that first two weeks of pubs return than the whole of CAMRA.

Suddenly we needed to run to catch the train. Mrs RM shouted;


It was like being with BRAPA, but safer.

Back in Elsecar, I collected our Chinese takeaway from Thai Zhong while Mrs RM made the campervan look as inconspicuous as possible in the corner of the car park.

Blimey the Crispy Beef was good. Not quite Chung Hwa good, but close enough.

Despite more noise from the Market Inn across the way than we’d heard from a pub in months, we slept the sleep of the just.


  1. I once worked a contract with a team of younger recent graduates and joined them on some company events after establishing the bar was free and contractors welcome. They insisted on multiple rounds of these “bomb” drinks. With names like skittlebomb and jagerbomb. I’m as far as you get from a booze snob and thought in for a penny in for a pound, where’s the harm? Try summat new, it’s free. I kinda get the logic of sweet booze for younger drinkers that are more like pop, but those things were actively unpleasant. Seamingly designed to be nasty and skulled quickly. I did manage to convince one or two of the team that the very expensive cognacs and malt whiskies and rare bourbons might be worth a crack on a free bar and I’m glad some listened, even if one made new “bomb” drinks from them.

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    1. Milk the free bar, good advices.

      Some of the Tiny Rebel birthday beers with salted caramel popcorn and fizzy cola sours have similarly undrinkable (for me) tastes, and I like 95% of their beer.


  2. That chinese photo is making me hungry…

    I think your campervan is going to need some work to be inconspicuous.. 😉 You could just get a tank camoflage net from the local Army Surplus store..(mind you I’ve got no reason to judge – mine’s white…)

    Parrots and pineapples… this pub blogger mascot thing is really catching on…at least in Barnsley…


      1. Don’t open pop top when in full stealth camping mode. Keep meaning to remove the ‘go faster stripes to make it less conspicuous. Bambi and the other branding has already gone. No pink Panther car for me. Love that campervan just how it is. Maybe we should do a tour blog of the NV200.

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