Actually, it was a mistake not to walk past the Shakespeare, one of Sheffield’s (many) famous Kelham free houses. But someone had said “it’s not what it was” and I like to find that sort of thing out for myself. And beside, Ward’s windows. Gorgeous multi-roomed pub, nice sensible range of cask, and top staff.… Continue reading THAT UNWISE QUADRUPEL IPA IN THE SHAKESPEARE


One of the undiscussed risks of pub ticking is that of “ticking the wrong pub”. Amber Valley Mark had the excellent idea (I think it’s copywrite) of adding postcodes to his spreadsheets, but where’s the fun in that. I knew my second Bristol pub was called the Shakespeare and was close to King Street and… Continue reading SHAKESPEARES, SHAKESPEARES, EVERYWHERE


  A reminder of our itinerary for conquering the historic pubs of central Manchester. There’d already been a swap between the LT and the H&H. Somehow, Joan, Dave, Luke and I never made it to the Lower Turk for the trad bitters. Instead, we made a slight detour so Dave could see the joys of… Continue reading JOAN & DAVE’S MANC CRAFT DISTRACTION

LEICESTER PUB CRAWL – “Can one desire too much of a good thing ?”

Another Pub Blogger Crawl, another opportunity to whine about too many handpumps. A Tuesday in Leicester, comparing notes with Old Mudgie of Pub Curmudgeon fame, Richard of Beer Leeds fame, and Paul Mudge of Stafford, which is fame in itself. Historians may one day be interested in this annotated itinerary, and wonder about the deviations we made.  Thanks to… Continue reading LEICESTER PUB CRAWL – “Can one desire too much of a good thing ?”