Actually, it was a mistake not to walk past the Shakespeare, one of Sheffield’s (many) famous Kelham free houses.

But someone had said “it’s not what it was” and I like to find that sort of thing out for myself.

And beside, Ward’s windows.

Gorgeous multi-roomed pub,

nice sensible range of cask,

and top staff.

You know I’m a mug for anything with “Hazy” in the name. Or Chadkirk. Have I ever been to Chadkirk ?

Two lads silently played chess in the next room, an Old Boy sat sipping a half of the Ohm, and I would have drunk up and headed home to make Mrs RM tea after the one pint.

But they were playing “A Fool On The Hill“, and then a nice rambler came in and had the Feckless (£3.20 a pint !), and I decided that when you see a Peanut Butter Milk Stout on the bar you should always succumb. It’s what Blackpool Jane would do.

Just a half, mind, decanted expertly into the Chadkirk pint glass.

Blimey. Is that Betty Davis they’re playing ?

No, not Bette Davis !

Oh, Kees, That looks strong.

One mistake leads to another. The rambler finished his sensible half and said “Bye”. I decided to match the Quadrupel IPA with fancy pretzels.

As I left, I noted the Wander Beyond at 13.5%, making that Kees looks like a boys bitter IPA.

But I know my limits.


    1. Maxim Brewery brew Wards Best Bitter to the same recipe as was last used by Vaux. It’s a reasonable copy. A keg version is still brewed by Robinsons.

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