21st September 2022.

You’ll be expecting a World Cup themed special from me this week, where I go through the chances of Iran and Ecuador and advise you which beer to match with each country (for England, it’s Madri).

No chance. I may well watch a few games with Dad when I’m “home” though, just to irk the purists who think the World Cup should only be played in Summer (and preferably in England). As usual, I’ll be rooting for Germany.

My photo is of Pompey John, the very embodiment of “Proper” football with his pint of no nonsense John Smiths Smooth, from an exhibition in Sheffield’s superb and revitalised Millennium Galleries.

I brought my Dad up to see Sheffield last summer as Covid restrictions relaxed, and he was impressed with the size of the city and the art and gardens in the centre.

Sheffield isn’t as glammed up as Leeds or Manchester, but there’s loads going on, including new bars in a container park next to the Town Hall which probably won’t be selling Bass when it opens.

After the art I revisited the Head of Steam, obviously with a better camera technique this time.

That pint (Yorkshire Heart’s Comet) had just been served to another (young) cask drinker, and I ALWAYS go for the just pulled beer if there is one.

Now, I reckon Head of Steam try a little too hard with the craft tat;

but this was a stunningly cool and rich 3.5+, tasting a lot more than its 3.8%.

Lacings never lie;


13 thoughts on “FOOTBALL

  1. Glammed up.. oh yes. I love container park bars that sell Carling at £10 and cafe/bars that sell mass-produced home brew in thirds and halves. Leeds has retained some of its charms even if parts of it are starting to look like any other city in the world (like Manchester). Why leave home if the all cities are identical? Exactly the way football has gone. I haven’t been to Sheffield in almost 20 years. I remember I was impressed by the number of good boozers in and around the city centre, and Bramall Lane – surely one of the loveliest grounds in the top two tiers of the league.

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    1. The bar at the container park is run by Heist, who have a brewery in Kelham Island. They’re fun and pretty reasonably priced so be interested to see what they sell. Sheffield does feel very different to me, though I agree that these places setting up with food courts and home brew can all blend into one after a while !


  2. I remember the Head of Steam chain when it had been built up and was owned by Tony Brookes.
    In 1999 I suggested he took on the Eagle, just across Newport Road from Stafford railway station, but it didn’t happen and that Proper Pub never reopened.

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      1. Yes, mainly larger and mainly northern ( and maybe only Newcastle, Durham and Huddersfield when he sold all his pubs to Camerons in 2013 ) but I thought there was no harm in mentioning it to him.
        I vaguely remember a Head of Steam at Oxford Road station for a while but could be wrong.


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