20 September 2022. I’m less than two (2) months behind with the blog !

Hard to characterise the last two months, but I have made a start in visiting some old (non-Guide) Sheffield favourites, such as…

ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 133 – Old Grindstone, Crooks

I remember doing the Crookes pubs (studentville interspersed with pashminamumland) 15 years ago, a collection of large roadhouses that seemed to be owned by Greene King whatever the exterior suggested. Punch Bowl, Ball, Noah’s Ark, and the Grindstone lasted in the Beer Guide till those pesky micros arrived in town.

All had too many handpumps back then but were somehow pretty good, but the Grindstone has dropped down to two (2) on my long overdue and entirely random revisit.

It’s gone all student, if it wasn’t before, and True North have done what True North do which is a bit like what Head of Steam do but outside the city centre.

TVs all over the place, pool tables and Oktoberfest.

And a Husker Du album cover, even though it’s strictly 1995 Brit Pop on the jukebox.

Oh, and this.

Are Hall & Oates what the kidz listen to now ?

They certainly aren’t watching the gripping Pakistan v England T20, which I feign interest in for half an hour over a superb hazy Run Free (3.5) and when the “Stones Bitter” “sign is turned round I have to have one of those, too.

It’s a malty NBSS 3+, and a pub well off the GBG radar has once again proved Sheffield’s astonishing strength in depth.

But am I drinking the Stones because of some nostalgic brand loyalty ? I doubt it.

On the walk home, thankfully down the hill, I stop at DRAM SHOP and buy Mrs RM the strongest beer in the shop, the Sam Smiths Stingo weighing in around 9%, as a thank you for her driving and directions on the quest.

Don’t drink it all at.. ” I shout, but it’s too late.

And that night we take James out to the Kebabish in the Wicker,

where we had far too much to eat.

But those photos will make the Southworths jealous, and that’ll do.

9 thoughts on “STINGO. A REWARD FOR MRS RM.

  1. I only know Humphrey’s Stingo from three of his London pubs three years ago.
    That last photo is very much like the small mixed grill at the Morris Man a three minute walk from me.


    1. There’s a certain sort of simple Pakistani owned place that is best for grilled meats like that, rather than the curries we’re more familiar with. This was good, but not the curry experience I’m still looking for in Sheffield.


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