Only another 137 posts (conservative estimate) and I’ll have caught up with the blog at last. More importantly, only another ten and you’ll know about the alpaca farm.

22 September 2022. Scarily, this was the last time I had my hair cut until this Tuesday. Matthew is so busy at Helvete he hasn’t been able to fit me in on recent Mancunian raids, which shows you that I get no family favours.

Mrs RM and I had lunch at the Bundobust Brewery, where I was still recovering from the 12.8% QIPA at the Shakespeare and had the mango lassi while Mrs RM bravely persevered with the Oketoberfest beer.

I wonder how MumsNetter teslaplayer would react to a date ordering a glass of lassi ?

I suspect Bundobust is, 5 years on, a bit old hat in Manchester, but I like their veggie Asian food served on long trestle tables, and the onion bhajis are unmatched.

A bit like the run of Old Monkey, Fat Pats, Circus and Grey Horse along Portland Street, opposite our hotel for the night.

I must have been in recovery mode as I don’t seem to have been in any of those, but we joined Matt as he finished his snipping on a walk through student land towards Piccadilly.

The building work never stops, and you’ll always find something unexpected.

We took a look at the new public park behind Mayfield, then ended up at Track’s Tap on the Piccadilly industrial estates, where I finally succumbed. Who knows, it might get in the GBG (spoiler : it didn’t).

That’s my pint of cask Sonoma in the dimpled mug cos only old blokes drink cask and they like dimpled mugs, apparently.

Old blokes certainly like cheap beer, and the cask was a quid less than the keg.

BUT it just wasn’t cool enough; should have paid the extra for the keg, carbonation or no. Next time.

Never mind, nice place, top soundtrack.


  1. That’s the issue of Opening Times with my hard-hitting roundup of the Heald Green stagger in it, with a diplomatic final paragraph added by the editor.

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      1. Mrs TSM would want to go upmarket if I suggested Bradford’s New Beehive or Preston’s Sun to her so I think I understand.

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