23rd September 2022.

I wondered why we’d spent the previous night in Manchester. Apart from the joy of a morning in the greatest city on earth (sorry, Milton Keynes), obviously.

Turns out we were headed out from Victoria (what happened to their new station bar) to the greatest town on earth (sorry, Maidenhead) for the Halifax Beer Festival.

Me ? A beer festival ? I’m clearly losing the plot after completing the Guide.

There’s good reason, and in part it’s so I can show Mrs RM how gorgeous the ‘Fax looks nowadays.

I’ve written about the astonishing Piece Hall before, so you can look here now as I failed to do justice to it in the bright sunshine.

So here’s some random art.

High quality stuff in Halifax,

particularly around the magnificent indoor market where Mrs RM got her mobile phone repaired (but it still goes off at 6am in the morning, irritatingly).

Destination Dean Clough, looking regal in the blue skies that accompany a visit of the righteous.

With half an hour till Beer Festival kick-off, we explored the collection of non-vegetable pub mascots,

and had breakfast in one of the many hipster cafes on site (Mrs RM on left). It’s not a real fag, it’s a prop.

We’d actually come to meet the wonderfully cheery Chris Dyson and hear pub legend Blackpool Jane (hidden behind her sensible mascot) tell us about her life in cask and ask us all personal questions like “Apart from Doom Bar, what is your favourite beer ?”.

Now, this post is completely pointless as Jane wrote about it seven (7) weeks ago (here), but I will just say that the beers at Halifax, particularly from the wood, were all superb.

But Mrs RM and I were in need of food, as beer on an empty stomach doesn’t mix, so we had noodles and cake before meeting Jane and Chris in the Grayson Unity, which has proper seating and lovely beer.

And where I spent 10 minutes urging Jane to visit the Gents.

Back at the Victorian Arcade I took a pre-emptive punt on Duke’s,

a nice addition to the astonishing run of craft bars on the way back to the station.

I bet you predicted that Jane went for the Fierce, eh ?

Nope, like me she opted for Waterbeach’s finest purveyor of wild beers.

“Sour ? Ugh !” said Mrs RM, as predictable as ever, which is something you can never say about the ‘Fax.


  1. I remember Wolverhampton having two Victorian arcades like that when I were a lad ( and Banks’s had only just started brewing a Bitter ! ).

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