Quite a few days at home in early Autumn, the sort of frivolity not normally allowed to professional tickers.

24th September 2022 saw me use James’s spare ticket for a one day music festival (thanks James) in Sheffield (he was eating Chinese takeaway with my parents).

Float Along featured all your favourite “£10 a ticket” indie bands, the ones that the Mudgies sing along to at night no doubt.

Even more excitingly, it was spread over 4 music venues new to me, my first real gigs in my home city and a chance to see why the Leadmill was worth saving.

And see if Warmduscher are worth the fuss (No).

Oh, and to see if there was any cask. Well, no, but Sidney & Matilda had the reliable ShinDigger for under a fiver,

and some local craft as well;

But elsewhere it was a sea of lager and Beavertown.

So I switched to coffee with my afternoon artisan sausage roll at Koffee Kollective next to the Leadmill,

where Katy J Pearson was (expectedly) the star turn of the day.

The music was loud and varied, the sound quality great, the crowds your usual mix of students and old blokes, the venues easy to get in and out of.

One day festivals keep you fit walking between stages, give you chance to nip in pubs on the way, and encourage you to pop and see stuff you wouldn’t normally.

Like this bare-chested punk from YABBA (press PLAY).

Never see RetiredMartin is only obssessed with lovelorn young songstresses from across the pond.

10 thoughts on “FLOATING ALONG

      1. Definitely not alone Dave, but as we know Martin has a penchant for obscure bands that no one over twenty-five has ever heard of.

        Makes a change, I suppose, from those “lovelorn young songstresses” from your side of the Atlantic, that he seems rather fond of.

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