Last time out in Halifax, the Victorian Craft Café and the Gundog both had that “Wow !” factor you get in 1 pub in a 100, either because a place just looks astonishing or you spot the rare v18 Cloudwater DIPA for £2.95.

The Pump Room looked an excellent modern micro, suffering only through being packed.

Tucked into a corner near the Town Hall, the Grayston Unity just looked weird. Weirdly appealing.


A tiny place had been carved into 3 areas, with “stuff” on every wall.


Now you might think a place needs more than old adverts ripped out of magazines, but it works for me,  very much like the Rock & Roll Brewhouse in Brum did.

Quieter than the Pump Room, but with a real buzz about it, and I was sorry to tip up on a night without an “event” on.

I recommend the Gene Clark – No Other Night

More unreadable craft beer boards,


so I went for the local Elland Nettlethrasher, priced at a micro pub friendly £3.20 a pint.  A lovingly presented cool pint, another Halifax NBSS 3.5. Only the Three Pigeons scores higher.

Northern beer, northern head

The barman made the place, as so often, chatting Halifax music scenes and craft beer openings.

Wood chip

On my self-guide tour I discovered the cellar they had hoped to lock Simon in on his visit.


But the highlights, as so often, were in the Gents,

Grayston Unity Gents (1)
Grayston Unity Gents (2)

Slightly magical, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.  I’ll have to take Mrs RM for her style assessment.

And there’s more craft to come.















28 thoughts on “THE GRAYSTON UNITY

  1. Interesting and unusual angle in the bar photo RM. Were you hanging from the light fitting?

    What is in all the bottles on the shelves – well not every one but just generally (hope there are some single malts…)?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve read the next post – now I understand. Still the ‘ethereal pub spirit’ stuff sounds good – applies to all your usual haunts I expect….
        : -) (ps how do you do a smiley on this bl**dy website).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. “I do the same as you for smiley 😉 Perhaps Russ knows.”

        For this blog, if you’re on a smartphone you should be able to use the smiley icon list when posting. For a laptop (or not a smartphone maybe) the only ones I know are the colon-right bracket and the semi-colon-right bracket. Let’s see if that works:




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      3. I have linked it RM my latest post is on there. My Twitter name is Garden Hermit@inthehermitage

        Try not to ask me any tricky questions about Twitter – I won’t know the answers 🙄

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  2. .Another nice looking micro. After visiting Gundog, we may have to stop in at Grayston on our way to the station. We already have 10 pubs on our list for that day, not quite Alan numbers, but very optimistic for us.

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      1. “unlike cask which goes off within 3 hours.”

        Which begs the question as to why a lot of them don’t open on time. When a cask only lasts 3 hours then every second counts! 😜


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Exactly ! I think the only safe way to drink cask is to have barrels delivered straight from the brewery, racked on the wall, and then you help yourself but must finish the barrel within 3 hours.


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