Of the last 20 days I’ve spent 19 away from home, so the blog has gone to pot a bit.

But fear not, fifteen (15) NEW Good Beer Guide reports to come, including this minor classic;

But first, four days back “home” in Waterbeach to get my parents quadruple jabbed at an indoor bowls centre, and a flying visit to the village’s second Tap Room.

You can tell Pastore is craft, the food van has Japanese food. Sadly, Mum had just served me lunch of last night’s Chung Hwa takeaway and Cheese & Onion pie and I was full.

Pastore make those experimental saisons and weisses and sours that I regularly bump into in Sheffield and Bath.

I love them; Mrs RM says “I like my beer to taste like beer“.

I had a couple of quick thirds, felt pleased the place was pretty full, and by sitting on the end of the bench seating made the other end lift in the air, causing much amusement.

The bottles Weiss (top) has lovely artwork of the village green on it; I took a bottle back for Sis.

The Pastore folk are a cheery bunch, and hope to open the Tap regularly in the summer. You could do worse this summer than staying in the Guest House in Waterbeach, visiting the two breweries and ending the night in the Sun. Sadly the Guest House may not let you take your Crispy Beef and Singapore Rice back to your room. Check first.

Even better, come in May.

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