A fifth pub in Bath on our crawl, the craft one we bullied Stafford Paul into visiting in 2018.

No Stafford Paul in Brewed Boy this time, sadly, and no Mme Jon Benger, who had provided us with the classic Father Christmas riding JoJo the Unicorn in a craft beer bar line 3 years ago.

Brewed Boys is now the Official 5th “keg” stop on the Bath Crawl, the keg one where we wonder where lunchtime was.

Oh yes, it’s that bag of Devon Roast Beef (ooh, posh) crisps. They were, frankly, expertly matched with a hazy IPA from Buxton that was better than the stuff I had at the brewery. No NBSS, as keg yeah ?

We were the only custom on opening, but once a younger couple joined us the place seemed practically full. I expect the talk was of sours and hops, but my eye only landed on the word “Pastore“.

You leave Waterbeach and you find the local Kelham pubs selling their mixed fermentation beers on draught.

Then I take the train to the south-west and there’s their can in the craftiest bar in town.

I bought a can, and read out the words;

Blueberry, Jammy, Tannic, Sour, Dry“.

If Mrs RM had been here, she’d have told you three (3) times that she hates sour beers and beer should taste like beer, but I am woke and enjoy diversity.

We shared a can. Jon doesn’t look entirely convinced,

I thought it was astonishing.

But best finish the day with some proper beer, eh ?

4 thoughts on “THE SHARING OF THE SOUR

  1. I don’t like ordinary beer at all,but I actually quite like a sour ,although I have only had a sneaky taste & never had one all to myself

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  2. “the craft one we bullied Stafford Paul into visiting in 2018”
    Yes, most definitely NOT the highlight of my day in 2018. .


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