It’s just dawned on me I have to actually write the 2021 Review, it doesn’t produce itself spontaneously out of thin air like the whole of creation apparently did.

Looking at my “liked” Spotify tracks the first one is this positive track encouraging us to hold on till the pubs re-opened by This is the KIT.

Coincidentally, my next stop is also the KIT.

Fancy the Kelham Island Tavern ?” I asked Mrs RM as we headed back from Tesco Express with a bag full of gin vegetables for the healthy stew we were making for guests from Waterbeach.

It was a daft question, and to be honest we didn’t need to go in the Tavern, but Mrs RM had never been in, if you can believe that.

I’ve only been in once since we moved, life’s too short to return to the same pub, unless it’s the one a minute away that serves pizza.

I’m not even a fan of pubs where you have make a decision at the bar;

Avalanche and Deya, I think. The Fyne was cool, clean and clear (NBSS 3.5).

Both top class, but what really impressed was the age range in the pub, no longer just the preserve of your typical CAMRA guy (i.e. me).

See, young folks (under 50) like bench seating, too.

Rather like Durham’s wonderful Station House, a riot of political discourse tonight, that enraptured Mrs RM and me and persuaded to stay for another. You’ll never guess what’s in the Cloudwater glass.

Yes, it’s only Waterbeach’s second top brewery, yet another sighting of Pastore in Sheffield as South Yorkshire tries, and fails, to make me homesick.

Mrs RM hates those mixed fermentation sours; I love them, but as before I advise they be decanted into a foamed up cask glass (empty, I’m not a savage).

In fact, the conversation was SO good Mrs RM stayed for another half, this time of the house Blue Bee Triple Hop, which is almost as good as Doom Bar on its day (that’s Doom Bar’s day).

Oh dear, we had far too good a time. What a shame the walk back is uphill.

8 thoughts on “THIS IS THE K.I.T.

  1. kelham island tavern was my lads favourite when he was at Uni -mainly because of the free snacks provided on quiz night -he tries to have an annual pilgrimage to visit old haunts

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  2. “You’ll never guess what’s in the Cloudwater glass.”


    Is it the usual prize, or can I have a pint of Blue Bee Triple Hop?


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