Still on Friday night, STILL in Barnsley, but now with the effervescent Mrs RM by my side.

I was determined to show her the charms of the Old Town and protect me from giant bunnies in the Craft Union pub.

We arrived at the Town Hall to catch the tail end of a wedding between a couple from Dodworth who had the good fortune to get married on one of the sunniest days of the year (and have the number of attendees capped at 15, which keeps it cheap AND means you don’t get an annoying uncle from Cudworth upsetting the bridesmaids).

Once again we were struck by the vivid colours of the blossoms, something to do with the dark trunks said Mrs RM.

We admired the town’s famed misuse of apostrophes, bought as a job lot from Southend-on-Sea in 1997.

Spookily, I then walked almost the exact route I’d taken the day before, except this time I was convinced my 2nd GBG tick would be open (the owner had PROMISED).

And it was, in fact open earlier than Facebook said.

Mr Tipsy Cow explained his outside area was only opening limited hours to upset GBG tickers limit the disturbance to the residents living above. We looked up, and there they were;

He told us about his year of accident and anguish, and we sympathised. A smart little bar focusing on goldfish bowl styled drinks for YOUNG PEOPLE, but with a very decent Little Critters and that rarely seen beer from Ellon. And a spotless toilet.

Look, I’m having the Chardonnay crisps !” said Mrs RM, reminiscing about the Cinzano Coffee from 1995.

Barnsley’s not all string vests and whippets” I reminded her, but I wasn’t sure.

Then “Don’t Speak*” came on, and Mrs RM started to hum, so it was time to go.

Our walk took us past the Miners Rest (heaving) and the Proper John Smiths Pubs of Summer Lane.

No cask in the Moulders Arms, so we crawled back into town where the classy restaurants are.

The street art looked rather better preserved.

You can’t come to Barnsley and only go to one pub, but the Old No. 7 was closed and the queue for Spoons stretched back to the station, so where to finish the night afternoon ?

Ah !

*Mrs RM was convinced the song was called “No Doubt” and looked shocked when I told her the truth.

6 thoughts on “BARNSLEY BLOSSOMS

  1. Must say I’m curious to try chardonnay crisps. What was Mrs RM’s verdict?

    I like the idea of No Doubt having a song called No Doubt, a la Talk Talk. I remember being rather appreciative of “Don’t Speak,” since melodic pop songs had somehow fallen out of favor in the mid 90s here in the States. That, and “Lovefool” by The Cardigans.

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