Elsecar is one of the best pubbed villages in Britain. But don’t take my word for it;

In 2019 BRAPA noted; “You turn out of the station, you walk down the hill, there are four cracking real ale pubs (the Fitzwilliam Arms, the Crown Inn, the Market Hotel, Milton Arms“.

Ooh, just seen Simon’s grandad was born here. With a heritage taking in Barnsley, Hull, York and, er, Saffron Walden it’s no surprise that BRAPA is a Pub Man.

What Pub shows you the sheer volume of licensed premises a five minute hop from the station.

OK, some of them MAY be permanently closed, but don’t let that stop you knocking on the door of a newly residential property.

As a privileged CAMRA member you’re entitled to a pint in ANY house still bearing a pub sign, and that’s a BRAPA fact.

Due to its reservoir the area was known as Elsecar-by-the-Sea in the ’30s, when folk used to visit on the train from towns like Blackpool and Skegness to enjoy pints of Bradfield Blonde and some glorious countryside.

The pubs were doing a roaring beer garden trade on Friday as the sun prepared to follow me to Barnsley for a second day in a row. No Bass (or Caffrey’s) in the Market, but they all looked inviting.

The 14:53 to Barnsley was running 11 minutes late, ALMOST but not quite enough time for a half of Acorn in the Fitzwilliam in normal circumstances when you just went to the bar and bought a beer. Table service has killed the quick pint sneaked in while the other half isn’t looking.

And the Caf didn’t appeal today.

“Give me an E”

So I strolled into the village to admire the Futurist Cinema (RIP), still displaying the card from 41 years ago.

This photo showing the last night looks scarily like the last Old Codgers trip to Burton.

The Futurist closed relatively late in 1985 (when no one turned up to see the final programme)

For a two-thirds of John Smiths key keg, what WAS that final programme ?

8 thoughts on “BACK TO THE FUTURIST

  1. “Table service has killed the quick pint sneaked in while the other half isn’t looking.” –Ha! I have had such pints, but will strenuously deny it if my wife ever happens to read this comment. 😉

    Now, you know I don’t like to get vitriolic on the internet, but that sign for The Market looks like a crime against pub culture! Or something painted for free by a friend, to be a bit more charitable.


    1. Good to know it’s not just me .It’s normally Mrs RM who “bullies” me into a pub outside my normal itinerary, Mark !

      I don’t know if it’s your artistry or that you’re a pub purist, but I can’t get too worked up about the cartoon sign, though perhaps I’m distracted by the red triangle ! It’s a Proper Pub, and the joyful noise coming from the beer garden later that night was a joy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I find myself vicariously re-living my South Yorkshire life as a young-un through your blog. Is that a good thing…?

    On a slightly different note I was telling Russ yesterday that you this Sheffield bloke could have given you the pub experience you yearned for during lockdown…(as well as discussing the North/South divide – what more could you want…?)



    1. Definitely – wrong pump clip not great – should have a handwritten one. Must have spurred you on to get that pub shed – err I mean tool shed/potting shed/summer house – installed in the garden though…?


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