What a month August was, as you can see from my route map above.

BRAPA spent the ENTIRE month draining Surrey, and Pubmeister went to Estonia to chase craft moths in football kits. I made it into the Daily Mail. Mum would have been proud.

Sadly, she wasn’t very well that day (quite a bit better now, thanks), but Dad joined me 3 times for the Rishi half-price deals, meaning he managed at least 87 proper meals a week, 2 more than me.

And healthy

I used the Rishi (well, the children’s) largesse 18 times in August, which meant that small independents like McDonalds, Costa and Spoons were kept afloat till September at least. #SavingPubs


Well, it was great to see folk of all ages back in pubs, even if they were only eating burgers and coke.

Wellington in Ilfracombe

But will they go back on a wet Tuesday in September for Doom Bar and scratchings ? Will they heck.

My own sense was that pubs were, on the whole, surprisingly pubby on their return., with social distancing not stopping regulars taking the mick out of each other like here in George Nympton;

But on occasion in the South-West I felt like a plague carrier, chided for attempting to enter pubs that wanted me to remain outdoors.

Still, managed 79 pub visits in August, including 43 new GBG ticks. And I STILL felt jealous of BRAPA’s achievements.

No new counties completed

I enjoyed Devon in parts, mainly Ilfracombe and Bideford, which was also the highlight for regular travelling companion Baa Baa Toure.

But he’s no Colin, is he ?

And it was good to make a first visit to Manchester for 5 months, though sadly the centre looked a bit forlorn.

PUB OF THE MONTH – Hare & Hounds, Harlton

It was the rapport between Tom the Landlord and the gentlefolk villagers that gave me one of those great pub “moments”, but the pie and Nene Valley wasn’t bad either.

BEER OF THE MONTH – 6X, Golden Lion, Helperby

Only fair after I’d sworn at it, twice, for being unexpectedly closed. So good I told him.

He had Doom Bar on next, another beer that delighted in the month. If I keep this up through September you’ll be converted by Christmas.

13 thoughts on “AUGUST ’20 STOCKTAKE

  1. “as you can see from my route map above.”

    Hither and yon to be sure!

    “I made it into the Daily Mail.”

    Bang goes your 15 minutes of fame.

    “even if they were only eating burgers and coke.”

    How does one ‘eat’ a coke?

    “But on occasion in the South-West I felt like a plague carrier,”

    A bit weird that. We get the same over here. A small place (with zero cases practically) freaks out when ‘outsiders’ come for a visit.

    “And I STILL felt jealous of BRAPA’s achievements.”

    Pfft.It’s mostly an act with him. 🙂

    “But he’s no Colin, is he ?”

    Who is? 😉

    “If I keep this up through September you’ll be converted by Christmas.”

    Christmas? Nah. That’s still the time when Stella shines. 🙂



    1. OK, sniffing coke.

      Been watching too much Narcos on Netflix.

      On “plague carriers”, it is noticeable how the places least affected are most terrified, the others get on with it sensibly. Not necessarily an age thing, either.


  2. 43 new Guide ticks very impressive, another 1% closer. I managed 5! I particularly like the way you have enlarged Tyne and Wear on the map with your famous pink highlighter to give it the prominence it deserves. But where’s the spreadsheet that I sponsor?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s the hardest county in the Guide. Tough logistics, high numbers and significant annual turnover. I lost a trip to tidy Devon and Cornwall up the week after lockdown. Been in negotiations with Malt re a return but think we will probs my wait until new Guide comes out.


  3. You are quite right to point out that it is your children’s (and your grandchildren’s) largesse, not Rishi’s. Despite being childless, I was altruistic enough to confine myself to three, two of which were in Spoons.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Quite a few of mine were small purchases like a coffee in Spoons, think I had half a dozen what you’d call “meals out”. I noted a large dash to take advantage on Monday, though surprisingly (?) quite a few cafes off the A303 had closed for Bank Holiday Monday.


      1. I heard of someone that had a meal out all of the Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August but would be staying at home all September – and with Christmas Eve probably their next pub visit.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. They won’t have a pub to go to on Christmas Eve !

        As a contrast, I wrote about the Hare & Hounds in Harlton, which is of similar character to Salt near you. I turned up on a Thursday, outside the half-price days, and expected to be the only customer. Within 30 minutes it was nearly packed with older diners and drinkers, drawn to a village owned pub alternating Bass, Youngs and Nene Valley and serving proper pies. You’d love it.


      3. Yes, that looks good even if I might still refer Manchester’s Hare & Hounds.
        There’s great uncertainty about the Holly Bush at Salt with the lease up for sale with both son and father who had ben running it for ages having died quite recently, and neither of them old.
        We never know when our number’s up.

        Liked by 1 person

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