Now I take my snood,

Snood and toast

to Bude. There’s a book in me somewhere with a title like that.

Bush 1
Never been to Lundy

The Cornwall/Devon border is where the OS Map gets interesting, with Lucky Hole, Yeol Mouth and Gooseham competing for Russ’s attention.

Bush 2
Oooh, contours
View from Morwenstow

Loads of new places and lovely long words in the GBG to tick.

And some famous old pubs like the Bush Inn at Morwenstow, packed with Home Counties folk on the last day of the 50% dining deal for the week, which meant it was busier than Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day combined.

Nice font for Matthew there

Folk going in through the exit, children jumping off the cliffs to a soft landing, overworked staff shouting “Do we have a pork left ?”  You know the sort.

Dates back on part to 950 AD” says WhatPub, remembering a time before the first plague and, more devastatingly, the first invasion of craft beer.

I’m reminded a bit of the entrance to classics like the Square and Compass, or the Queen’s Head at Newton.


But as I’m forced to stand still in the narrow corridor and follow the “One at a time in the bar” rules the appeal of the flagstones quickly drifts, particularly when the two blokes in shorts in front have inevitably complex instructions about how they want their steaks cooked.

28 minutes later
You may smile, face on the blackboard
The next day

It must have really cosy in March, but with NO inside seating and more instructions than an Ikea pot plant the experience was rather lost on me.

You can only book the mysterious table 5

Again, lovely, efficient staff, who served me a half of Otter in less than 28 seconds, but I was gasping for the daylight of the courtyard garden.

A welcome sight
Outside Gents

All was forgiven.  This was a wondrous place to enjoy an Otter that was suffering a bit in the heat but improving from 2.5 to 3 as my mood lifted.

Love the Otter glass

Plenty of exciting reading material too.

Nice touch at the end

I bet if I came back in a year 6 months I’d think it was great, you know.

Top ash tray

US Dave raved about the walk to the coast.  Instead I walked inland…



22 thoughts on “A MAZE IN THE BUSH

  1. Oh dear, that red nose photo reminds me of when men were men and women were Babycham drinkers !!
    “Dates back on part to 1972 AD” says my memory.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Paul,
        We loved Cornwall. The big problem is no real train service. Maybe when our grandchildren are of driving age they will chauffeur us around!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. We stayed there in 2011. Very nice and quiet. I enjoyed ending a day having a couple ales and having a very short walk to our room. My kind of pub area and friendly people.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So sad to see that beautiful flagstone floor spoilt with tape etc -it looks like it is a lovely pub (will probably find i’ve actually been in it but I have the memory of a goldfish )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “There’s a book in me somewhere with a title like that.”

    Personally, I’d be amazed to find the bush i(s)nood. That’s a sure sign of rain… dear. 🙂

    “Never been to Lundy”

    Isn’t that a 3 Dog Night song?

    “with Lucky Hole, Yeol Mouth and Gooseham competing for Russ’s attention.”

    I did indeed have to go for a quick lie down.

    I’m thinking they were the 3 sequels to either Behind the Green Door or Deep Throat? 😉

    “which meant it was busier than Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day combined.”

    Nothing like being in the bush for either one of those holidays. 🙂

    “Do we have a pork left ?”

    Here’s me showing a bit of decorum… finally!

    “I’m reminded a bit of the entrance to classics like the Square and Compass”

    I’d love to go to that pub!

    “28 minutes later”


    “You may smile, face on the blackboard”

    And it appears they have Covid half beat as you only have to stay 1 metre apart! 🙂

    “It must have really cosy in March,”

    Ahem, to be or not to be (or maybe been?).

    “and more instructions than an Ikea pot plant”

    Ikea sells pot? Instructions are easy; grow, pick, then smoke.

    “A welcome sight”


    “Love the Otter glass”

    “Nice touch at the end”

    Yup. Pretty sure back in the day almost all babies were basically bush babies. 😉

    “Top ash tray”

    Actually, it’s at the bottom.



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