Well, it was Quinno wot won it.

So he should, he was born in the public bar. Or conceived on the beach, or something.

He certainly sold me on the charms of Portishead, only previously visited for the Windmill (unlucky, Paul) and the modern Spoons.

But no-one told me about the gorgeous the retirement community below the Ship down to the National Trust’s Redcliff Bay, exhilarating on a stunning sunny September day*.

Wales in the distance, apparently
Redcliff Bay
Nearly broke my ankle here

You could be in Mallorca, wherever that is, with the immaculate gardens and plant pots that I hoped I wouldn’t need later.

Unnecessary plant pots

Another series of one way arrows leads me to the bar and the Landlord (Mr Vic Long) of 47 years, which is the one thing I know for definite about the Ship.s

The line-up of your dreams

I suddenly realise this is the pub of my (and possible Stafford Paul’s) dreams.

Mr Long (he’s wearing shirt and tie so I’d better be formal) tells me his entire history as a publican, which stretches back to the ’60s, taking in Worthing E and numerous stints as a relief barman. Take that, octogenarian Devonian ladies !

He also gives me more information on Gwent steelworks than you could ever wish for.

Totally fascinating, particularly on the subject of Doom Bar, which he’s put on the bar to the delight of regulars since re-opening. Nothing is carved in stone he said, when I asked if that was his regular range, so expect Bass to be replaced by Lost & Grounded’s Cucumber Sour DIPA in 2031.

I thought about having the Doom Bar or Otter to annoy you. For about 0.2 seconds.


How can a pub serving Bass this good (NBSS 3.5/4) not be a Beer Guide regular. Served flat, cool and rich, this was a Top 10 Bass.

Mark Shirley would be impressed, too.

As would the Beer & Pub’s Forum’s bench seating fans.

One other regular had sneaked in. I wondered how many locals and tourists would tip up later for the sub-£10 pub grub.

A classic, as Baa Baa Toure confirmed on my return.

*Don’t panic, I’m not really up-to-date. There’s a dozen in Devon to bring you yet, and a trio in Sheffield.

12 thoughts on “IT’S………..THE SHIP IN PORTISHEAD

  1. A bar billiards table – that’s what the Windmill could do with.
    I recommended the Windmill to a work colleague – a retired detective quite similar to the late Leeds Richard – and he returned from holiday saying how impressed with it he was.

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      1. I’m not sure but I remember it as a free house – that’d probably be thirteen or fourteen years ago ( that was when I was guided by the GBG ).

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    Honest; I didn’t read ahead!

    “Wales in the distance, apparently”

    Definitely wales; or maybe dolphins.

    “Redcliff Bay”

    Why is it all purple then?

    “Nearly broke my ankle here”


    “and plant pots that I hoped I wouldn’t need later.”

    Aye, aye.

    “Unnecessary plant pots”


    “The line-up of your dreams”

    As mentioned in the previous post; Stella and Carling. One for summer, one for winter. 😉

    “He also gives me more information on Gwent steelworks than you could ever wish for.”

    There’s no such thing as useless information. 🙂

    “so expect Bass to be replaced by Lost & Grounded’s Cucumber Sour DIPA in 2031.”

    I hope to be over long before that!

    “For about 0.2 seconds.”

    Hah! Pull the other one!

    “Mark Shirley would be impressed, too.”

    There’s that name again (BBM mentioned him). That’s not the (Kenneth) Mark Shirley who was given another 16 life sentences for four rapes back in 2012?

    “There’s a dozen in Devon to bring you yet, and a trio in Sheffield.”

    The Sheffield alliteration needs work. 😉



  3. Ah,at last -one I have been to -fantastic views agreed -we got there quite early but still not early enough to bag a window seat -all full of pensioners tucking into their lunches (we were not in the pensioner bracket at the time -only about 60 )Think it was a good place to stop off on way to Ilfracombe

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