I know some of us are more naturally positive about the return of pubs than others, just as our views on Covid risks vary.

BeerMat is always hopeful, and his latest piece is evidence that things are returning to some sort of normality;

Grant Arms 31.07.20 (2)

Note, however, that the scene above shows blokes drinking Carling. You might not get such happy punters in a CAMRA pub.

Vaux Wanderer is similarly optimistic;

I share his experiences, although obviously I’ve delighted in highlighting the couple of occasions where pubs made be book for a half.

My scribbled note said I had to book for the Castle at George Nympton, so I did.

Middle of nowhere, really
Historic document

Er, I’m phoning to let you know I want to drop by for a quick half. I hope you have plant pots ready“. Sounds weird doesn’t it ?

Sorry, what ?”

Your Facebook says I need to book to pop by for a drink

Don’t be daft” Or words to that effect.

It wasn’t the sort of pub you’d expect to book to come in for a beer.

Weird light

Half a dozen gentlefolk at the bar. One of them sounded the bell. Then went back to ignoring me, politely.

Not that bell

You won’t believe it, but the Exmoor was another 3.5 here. Over the hills in the actual Exmoor and beyond it’s often been, well, rubbish. But this was cool and rich and vinous.

Weird table

But most of all it was a happy pub. Blokes and lasses discussing “8 out of 10 cats”, Nish Kumar’s canned laughter, and other non-beery banter.


Of course, CAMRA probably has a duty to persuade these folk that they should be leaving behind their BBB slop and drinking homebrew DIPAs in a hut in Barnstaple or Bristol, but you know what they’d say.

Did you hear the first song Fred heard on Devonian FM after his cataract operation ?”


“I can see clearly now”.


  1. “where pubs made be book for a half.”


    “Middle of nowhere, really”

    And completely, bloody indecipherable!

    “Historic document”

    Yup. Saw that in your previous post.

    ““Don’t be daft” Or words to that effect.”

    Not quite the same as a Facebook listing but (slight ramble ensues):

    I’ve ordered (and picked up) at least three items from three different stores in town during this… global thingy. Each time, I received an email telling me to stay in my car when I got there, phone the store, and they would come out and place the item in the back of my vehicle. In each instance I called from my car upon arrival, and was told to come inside.

    You see, the email response is country wide. The ‘stay in your car’ stuff is for those in Ontario and Quebec. Where I live it wasn’t that big of a deal. I will note that on Vancouver Island (population about 870,000) since this global thingy began we’ve had a total of 160 cases, 25 hospitalised and 5 deaths. Currently there is one active case, not hospitalised.

    “Weird light”

    I think the cushions are affecting it.

    “But this was cool and rich and vinous.”

    Hmmm. BBM was saying something similar. You sure it’s not just the joy of being back in a pub?

    “Weird table”

    I still say it’s the cushions. 😉

    “I can see clearly now”.

    (slow golf clap)



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