Devon was a test of the pub ticker’s art. Hours spent on Facebook, Bing Maps and National Rail, confirming opening hours, the existence of bridges over rivers, and the local line from Exeter to Barnstaple.

More incomprehensible maps

If you’re prepared to walk uphill in 30 degrees you can reach some of the more remote GBG pubs from stations NOT closed by Beeching.

Like King’s Nympton, whose pub lies a mere 45 minutes away, set in the type of streets normally seen in Greece.

Tight fit for motorhomes

The Castle looked very attractive outside.

Rare outside beer barrel not marked “0.0% canine ale”

But they clearly don’t want you inside.


I’m partially sighted, which means I can spot a Doom Bar pump from space but have a real problem in cluttered pubs like the Grove with its assault course of obstacles.

No-one allowed inside, and no-one at the bar (top photo). Luckily the sun was shining and my table gave me a superb view of some flowers.

Actual view

I wrote last time that in most pubs life is returning to normal, but there’s still a cohort where it’s outside service only. Good luck with that in November.

Two diners, a dad and son, were whispering about their lad’s university prospects. I don’t mind whispering, it allows me to make it up.

That plant pot came in handy for the tired Exmoor, you’ll be relieved to know.

12 thoughts on “NO STANDING AT THE BAR

  1. “More incomprehensible maps”

    Indeed. I can’t find one funny name in the lot.

    “Tight fit for motorhomes”

    Or even folk of normal stature!


    Bleedin’ ‘eck!

    “Actual view”

    The fellow in the mask looks like he’s having a wee.

    “That plant pot came in handy for the tired Exmoor, you’ll be relieved to know.”

    (and that certainly won’t help come November either!)


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Getting better thanks. Catering is slowly coming back, in the form of box lunches for fishing tourists as well as some in-home dinners for said fishing tourists in AirBnBs. I will be struggling to run the truck next week without my darling wife (but with the help of an assistant) as my wife is attending her youngest sister’s wedding up north. Her sister is a member of parliament in the Yukon government and she’s getting married to the current chief of their (native) band. The wedding is taking place at the top of a mountain, with the wedding party arriving by helicopter (my wife’s part of the wedding party).

        Depending on how running the truck goes with my wife away you with either see more of me with regards to posts or not at all! (LOL)



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