Before we restart, what’s this ?


Two more days to make further inroads into Devon, armed with a coffee soaked list of pubs. In 2020, it’s all questions marks and reminders to book first.

Didn’t do all of those

But, to be honest, it was easier than I’d expected. Harder spelling the place names correctly.


A typical inland Devon village (not that I know many), bustling with the main village trade of rethatching roofs.

Like a Hovis ad
Pretty main square

Oooh, it’s that Tarquin’s again.

It’ll be another gastropub with Colonel Mustard and me in, now we’ve moved beyond discount days towards the weekend,

The Bell

But at the bar it gets a bit more Proper Pub, with jolly locals singing along to “Santa Claus is coming to town“.

Christmas gets earlier every year !”

You see Bass, I see a posh coffee machine

And then I see the stairway of GBGs and realise I’m in a Guide stronghold, which a good half of Exmoor Ale (only £1.55) confirms.

Exmoor and Doom Bar dominated my 25 pub trip, and rightly so. One of them is a local craft beer, the other has a nice picture of a stag on it.

No 1975

And it’s already filling up as I take the best seat in the (spotless) house, facing the CAMRA window.


The landlord is lovely, walking over to give me a WiFi code I haven’t asked for, telling me how busy it is, and how they’ve used Lockdown for a refurb.

Gentlefolk talk about their mates being stuck in France, argue about the cricket, and look perfectly at home as the Hi-Vis brigade arrived. You could have been in Woking, or Windsor.

Terrific pub, a place for all. Unless you really, really, hate Queen (Queen, not The Queen).


  1. The two vicious guard dogs at the doorstep anti-bac station is a nice touch. Looks a terrific pub, but why-o-why-o-why the pallets for a bar front…

    Is that device actually in some kind of furry gusset?


  2. Chittlehampton, cor bugger boy, you are back of beyond! Haven’t been there since early 1980s. Good pub,nice log fire in the winter I recall.

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  3. “Before we restart, what’s this ?”

    It’s been a few years but I think that’s part of my wife’s chastity belt when I went to CFS Alert for six months back in the mid 80’s.

    “Harder spelling the place names correctly.”

    After seeing so many of your OS maps I can but agree. 🙂

    “ANOTHER map”

    I LIKE it!


    Not the beer kind I take it.

    “Pretty main square”

    It’s lacking those garbage bags from Embery’s Drang in Bideford.

    ““Christmas gets earlier every year !””

    Because as one gets older you prefer to come as early as possible?

    “You see Bass, I see a posh coffee machine”

    It’s the heat, innit? It’s getting to you.

    “No 1975”

    (sigh) The Holy Grail?

    “Unless you really, really, hate Queen (Queen, not The Queen).”

    Absolutely love the movie! We’ve watched it 3 times during this ‘thing’.



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