Welcome to the last post for my travels in July 2020, a tumultuous month of highs and highers.

Expect a euphoric Review next up, unless I have to go into hiding after my infamous  Daily Mail appearance on Monday.

Daily Mail
Tomorrow – I defend Dominic in Wetherspoons News

BRAPA may have endured 51 Surrey pubs last week, and now looks like my avatar, but I’m hated by someone called Tim Sque with zero followers.

You’re jealous, Tim

Coincidentally, my last hurrah in July came with a Spoons breakfast in Wellington.

Sadly, the old bit of Telford rather than the one with zero Coronavirus. Or the similarly workaday town in Somerset.

We left the beauty of Ellesmere early.

5:56 am

Yes, up at 5am, on the road before 7, parked up in Wellington before the hordes set off on the train to Wolves for Banks’s and pork cobs.


I had a strange desire to walk up to the Wrekin, that famous beauty spot folk Salop folk drive halfway up, have a coffee and cake in a cafe, and drive back down.

A real melting pot

But somehow Mrs RM persuaded me a walk from the Council car park to the Spoons was what was needed.

First Spoons queues since 4 July
Job lot of books still there from the 1990s
Excessive and too interesting beer range

By 8.15 we had our small breakfasts, sadly at a pre-“Rishi largesse” price.

I noticed a chap with a pint of Spoons near the fruit machine and asked the nice barmaid when they started serving alcohol (it’s normally 9am).

We started 20 minutes ago my love“.  Seriously, if that doesn’t make you want to move here, what would ?

Just a half of Ruddles that Mrs RM rated “Nice“.  And it was.

NBSS 3.  Empty plate.

The gentlefolk are returning.  To Spoons at least.  Next door they had the double joys of mobility vehicles and pawn shop (pawn not porn).

Why always red ?

Wellington looked better than I remembered on previous trips to that Spoons and the smartish Pheasant. Clean, pedestrianised, floral.


OK, probably not enough pubby pleasures to warrant an Old Codgers Day Out when the masks come off, but I enjoyed the street art and a pretty indoor market selling faggots or something approximating them.


We never did get to the top of the Wrekin, though.  Is there a micropub at the top ?



  1. “probably not enough pubby pleasures to warrant an Old Codgers Day Out” – agreed. We were better off in Codsall and Shifnal – or we could just leave Wellington mid afternoon for the Great Western.

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      1. I think it’s more about ‘where’ than ‘what’.
        Anyone commenting “If you’re in Spoons then you hate pubs” doesn’t consider Tim’s venues to be pubs and might pay £1.29 for a pint there and £1.29 for a half in a Proper Pub.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Just stumbled across your great blog – you’ve got some nice photos of our town here (not easy, I know!). Glad you liked the window/doorway murals – our little group put them up a couple of years ago (this booklet explains who they feature, by the way – the ones you’ve photographed are numbers 3 and 4: https://wellingtonhistorygroup.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/wellington-the-makers-dozen-mural-trail.pdf) … Anyway, hopefully in a few months the town will be slightly more worthy of a pub crawl outing, as Rowton Brewery (who brew at The Pheasant) have bought the almost-lost Wrekin Inn and, just out of the town, The Cock Hotel is undergoing a major refurb by Joules Brewery. There are also plans for a memorabilia-laden real ale bar on the station platform. We have an official ale taster (you can google him) and he’s very excited about these developments. Hope we’ll see you again 🙂

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    1. Don’t be so hard on the town ! A really liveable place, according to a couple I met in Ironbridge last year, and lots of history besides the great walks up the Wrekin and the pubs.

      Glad to give some credit to the murals, really good work.

      No doubt I’ll be back soon enough.



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