Someone nameless sent me this.


Shaming me for going to pubs during a pandemic, even though both the pubs and I are taking all precautions to avoid catching Covid.

The world seems equally split between those cautiously re-entering the world and finding comfort in UK hospital deaths falling below 5 a day, and those staying firmly behind closed doors waiting for a vaccine that may never come.

As always, the Manchester City fan forum has better and more polite debate than you’ll get on the BBC or in the Guardian.

On Tuesday, we bought my Mum a mobility aid so she can get up and identify plants in her garden again.


Then I popped out with Mrs RM and James for my second “Eat Out to Help Out” trip of the week, just up the road at the Haymakers in Chesterton.

At the start of the famous Chesterton Road run
Suburban local

We like this one.  Our local brewery runs it, it’s a Proper Pub, and serves the best pizzas north of Naples.

Outside beer board

They really need our support, having missed out on all the Government largesse during Lockdown, but they’re making hay now.  Three pizzas and three drinks for £20, fill your boots Cambridge.

The young professionals of north Cambridge were packing the expanded garden at 5pm on Tuesday, meaning the Haymakers could even start to expand their beer offering a bit. I stuck with the Pegasus (NBSS 3.5), because I’m dull.


Love-in with Brentwood

All you need to know here is that Mrs RM had a pint of Marcus Aurelius in the sun.

You’ve never seen a pint of 7.5% stout drunk so quick, bless her. She wouldn’t leave until I bought her another half.  6 units in an hour; efficient drinking.

Scenic view

But is Rishi’s scheme tax efficient for the UK ?

If it can get the worried well out of their houses and back in the pubs and reassure them about resuming life, it’ll probably be worth the bill it passes on to my lads.  



      1. I’m interested to know what BRAPA did in Surrey in that week, apart from travel to and drink in pubs. Box Hill ?, Victoria Water ?, Guildford Museum of Mousetraps ?


  1. Rishi has done nothing for proper wet led pubs and so gets no thanks from me.
    I could conclude that it’s only really the high street pizza, burger or barn venues that such a teetotaller has much interest in.


    1. True, but that’s not the intention. I doubt HMRC would have allowed a scheme that gave discount on alcohol. What it MIGHT do is re-normalise going out, let alone going out to pubs, and that alone might be worth the punt.

      To be honest, there’s no shortage of cheap beer (discuss “cheap”). My average pint last week cost under £2, with beer in Spoons, Craft Unions and wet-led boozers.

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      1. HMRC isn’t above the government ( or shouldn’t be ) and both have probably been nobbled by the Health Lobby.
        The recent initiatives are about getting people spending again and if “there’s no shortage of cheap beer” then that often doesn’t extend far beyond the city centre.
        But if “there’s no shortage of cheap beer” is why Rishi hasn’t done anything to help proper pub men then Tim and his £1,29 Ruddles is to blame.

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  2. Surprised and delighted your local has lager from the High Peak on sale – it’s usually very good as well. A propos of nothing, I see Waterbeach has a second brewery now – It’ll soon be the ‘Burton of the Fens’ at this rate.


    1. Pastore would interest you, John. Mixed fermentation sour and wild brews. They did a launch a few months before Lockdown, and there beers popped up in Kommune in Sheffield.

      Milton Brewery know how to source a good lager!


      1. Yes I looked at their website – full on craft aren’t they? Funnily enough the beers I noted didn’t leap out at me, and normally I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff. Will certainly make a point of giving them a go if I ever encounter them, though.

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  3. The Retired Martin Diary – err I mean blog will be just as famous – I’m sure of it. It seems you are already being spoken of in literary circles of the same importance as Sam (which is only right). 🙂

    So it’s perhaps fitting that a proper quote from the man himself (‘The Illustrated Pepys – from the Diary’ )…

    “16 January 1660 – To the Greene Dragon on Lambeth Hill, both the Mr Pinknys, Smith, Harrison, Mortice that sang the bass, Sheply and I, and there we sang of all sorts of things and I ventured with good success upon things at first sight and after that played on my flagellete; and stayed there till 9 o’clock, very merry and drawn on with one song after another till it came to be so late.”


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