I’m about 3.14159% through clearing our garage, which is cluttered with paint pots, electronics with no obvious purpose, a set of Leak valve amps, 32 years of National Geographic (possibly some pub articles in there), and about a thousand football programmes.

Including this one.


No, I wasn’t there.  I’m not THAT old yet.

A shilling seems steep for 1967, even for West London, but you did get a coupon you could collect exchange for 50p off a pint of Young’s Ordinary at the Castle, the only pub to advertise.

No longer valid
First Class Restaurant, first class Fulham XI lit up by Haynes and Clarke

Lovely old ground, Craven Cottage,

See the source image

with the benefit of a stroll through Bishops Park from Putney Bridge Station and some decent pubs on either side of the Thames.


I’d pick the Bricklayer’s Arms across in Putney, or the White Horse if Mrs RM was with me, but new Guide pubs have been a rarity of late.

The Kings Arms is worth your time.

Tiling porn

When a Wadworth pub gets in the Beer Guide you know the world hasn’t completely gone to pot. I may have been the only person on the 6X on mid-afternoon Tuesday, but it was still better-than-average for London (NBSS 3).

The highlight was getting to hold the door open for the delivery man from Devizes, but the pub had a bit of character too.

Cushion alert

Someone had had a good go at removing the Birmingham City sticker from the Gents, with limited success.

Beau Brummies

The other recent Guide newbie Durell Arms is typical of SW6, which really ought to be renamed Peroni-ville.

Individual TVs in booths, reservations chalked on table for fixtures starting hours later, poor beer (Twickenham, NBSS 2), £4+ a pint. Dick and Dave will love it.

Being fit blokes, they can nip across Wandsworth Bridge, stopping to admire Neverland with its traditional London beach pub vibe.

Just like Hamburg

Neverland is, of course, a tribute to Fulham’s most famous friend.

No, not Sir Mohamed

Wansdworth still has lots of this,

No brewed by someone who cares

and an ideal opportunity at the Roundhouse to see West London tables reservation at its very finest.

Don’t be late, Alex

But beware, there is no escape from the octagonal beer glass.

12 thoughts on “FRIENDLY FULHAM

  1. You may be interested that the Michael Jackson statue is now on its side covered and trussed up at the National Football Museum stores in Preston.

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  2. Ah,the Sloany Pony -a “cheeky Prosecco ” for this pashmina wearer .Took our Wembley Gang there -a dozen Northern Rugby League supporters & to our delight we met a previous manager of London Broncos -Tony Rea -he was happy to pose for a chat & randomly we met his sister on the tube the following day.Small world !

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  3. Never land is pretty grim looking. How did you end up with a program for a match you did not attend? And curiosity how many times you have moved it?

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    1. There used to be loads of spares after matches that a few dealers would bundle up and sell for a few pence to teenage lads like me, same as collecting baseball cards or CAMRA magazines.

      I had about 3,000 at one point, half of them from random games in the 60s-80s. Been trying to give them away over the years, and Mrs RM has moved them 14 times.


      1. Lockdown means I have no breaking point, I’m completely Zen. Mrs RM could delete my GBG spreadsheet and I’d say “Don’t worry dearest, they’re only silly pubs”.


      1. I feel I should apologise for that one….over reaching….just couldn’t resist….


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