London in one shot

A man is very easily tired of London -Johnson (Boris, not Samuel).

And I am getting weary of these capital posts, but your kind words keep me going.

Downward and eastwards into Wandsworth proper, past the authentic Irish pub with cask and the famous Nemo statue.

Cask Marque must be.good
Top uses for pumpkins

With a detour via Caffe Nero and the graveyard near Ram Brewery, symbolically.

Hurlingham club a rare outlet for Bass from the jug.

It was, as you see, quite a walk to the Roundhouse. So far, in fact, I could see the bright lights of Clapham Junction, £10.45 Gin & Tonics and all, shining on me like in the Ruts song.

Oh, it was just more pumpkins.

A welcoming pub, in that open-plan gastro South London way.

Dimly lit and covered in cobwebs, yet another reason to hate Halloween.

OK, table reservations all over the place, but there was no “Will you be dining with us, Sir ?”.

Halfway through a half of their house pale, which would have been NBSS 4 if not for the 8 sided glass, I got that feeling of deja-vu all over again.

This place is just like that gastro over in Battersea I went to once

In fact, the cluster of school teacher on Prosecco night (a day finishing in “y”) and the bloke discussing their reservations about Rosa Parks seemed eerily familiar.

But not until I reached the weekend and updated my master spreadsheet did it transpire this was indeed, a GBG pub in Battersea a mere five years ago, when I gave it the EXACT same score.

A wasted half. Unprofessional drinking as Duncan would call it.

But worth it for the joy of hearing millennials ordering lemonade and a white hot chocolate in a GBG pub. Just like you, I blame them for everything.

12 thoughts on “A CLAPHAM COCKUP

  1. I was in Wandsworth Town a couple of years ago and happened on the splendid looking Alma which must have been one of Youngs finer pins back in the day. Sadly, it’s all Gastropub and boutique rooms now.

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      1. Yup. All the hallmarks of a superb pub. Pins? My bad. Posted whilst discussing railway arch murk brewers with the excellent brewer at Tyne Bank.

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  2. When I saw the title I felt sure it was going to refer to someone on the bar staff making a ridiculously foolhardy blunder. I’d have never guessed the real culprit would turn out to be… er… perhaps I’d better just end this sentence right here. 😉

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      1. Well the ol’ Septics are a girafffe gawd love ‘em.

        The Black Dyke Mills Brass band had to change their name when they toured the US.


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