The Beer Guide is a tease, isn’t it ?

How would you approach the Country House in Earlsfield ? Surely another dull Wandsworth pub with Sambrooks, sippers and scarves ?

“Unspoilt basic backstreet boozer” says WhatPub, but I have my doubts. In West London “basic” means less than five choices of Prosecco.

But there you go. A dart board, a couple of Old Boys called Terry and John and a bona fide barmaid who shall remain nameless.

Five hand pumps though, but luckily only the Doom Bar one is working. And folk on Discourse whine about Wetherspoons beers not being available.

The hipster barman is apoplectic, I’m delighted with the lack of choice.

Service is cheery, the locals talk nonsense. Hardly basic, but a throwback to 1997, nevertheless.

A soundtrack “Heart of Glass” and “Lost in Music” screams Proper London Pub. “My era” sats Terry.

Then our hero (call her Chelle if you must) tells us she’s lost her treasured necklace.

Cue a mad search lasting all of ten minutes. I even look plaintively into my half of Doom Bar (NBSS 3).

No luck.

I sympathise, and start to sneak out. Suddenly, she finds it, in the folds of her jumper. We all cheer.

Have a lovely day” says Chelle.

There you go, another Doom Bar only pub in the Guide.

I walked back up to Wandsworth proper, noting the dearth of Beer Guide pubs in Youngs land.

The death of Youngs

My next tick is in Wandsworth,says the Guide, which never lies.


  1. Always a pleasure to read of a pub that turns out better than you’d feared. And a relief to know dear Chelle’s troubles were resolved in the end. 🙂

    I must say though, about that photo with the cluster of high tables: they’ve got everything so close together it’s looking like a storage room for extra furniture!


  2. Looks like a smashing pub and I’m surprised I haven’t been in it, given that the previous Mrs PBT’s hailed from Earlsfield.

    I’ve a feeling the Country House may have been a Courage house back in the day, and a big brewery pub in a sea of Young’s pubs was never going to appeal.

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