Greetings from Romania, better than you could ever imagine.

More posts from West London though, starting with a rare trip to Fulham. We seem to have lost the Tim Taylors pub from Putney, but gained a Wadworths house.

How I wish I could get a ticket for City’s game at Fulham, but that’s the downside of being a johhny-come-lately fan.

Craven Cottage is by far the best away trip in the country (sorry Luton). Surprisingly local feel around Putney Bridge. Five points for each book named.

And a surprisingly gorgeous old Charrington pub in the Kings Arms.

Proper beer

When a Wadworth pub gets in the Beer Guide you know the world hasn’t completely gone to pot.

I may have been the only person on the 6X on mid-afternoon Tuesday, but it was still better-than-average for London (NBSS 3).

The highlight was getting to hold the door open for the delivery man from Devizes, but the pub had a bit of character too.

Even with its silly cushions.

Just for BeerMar, some evidence of visiting Brummies from when Fulham weren’t a proper Prem team,

but the inevitable Benali sticker hints at a more recent visit.

The Friends of Fulham are going to have to stop biting their nails if they want to scrape the “Sterling is King” stickers off when City visit.

23 thoughts on “ONLY 6Xs IN FULHAM

  1. In another life, when I used to work in London, a workmate arrived, having travelled by train, on the rattler from Suffolk. He admitted to having been perplexed by a piece of graffiti that he had seen while using the toilet. Beneath the sign which read “Do not flush this toilet while the train is in the station” someone had written “except Stevenage”.

    That mystery stuck in my mind somehow, as the years came and went.

    The only possible explanation occurred to me only latterly, when Stevenage knocked out some big fish in the FA Cup.

    I suppose that if either of us had followed the Game Of The Round Ball then we might have got it at once.

    I may ask for further enigmas to be solved. Do bear with me.


      1. It’s more than a year ago. Might have been Arsenal? You’re the John Motson of the beer blogging world ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. ah at least I know what the inside looks like now,having been gbg less, and been slightly put off Wadworth beers for a while I wasnt even tempted for a quick half, even though it looked impressive place from the outside, but I went on cask marqueness instead, and ended up across the road at the Temperance, which had no cask ale on, and around the corner at the Eight bells which did, and I actually liked quite alot.


      1. Does anyone still buy the Daily Express?

        Seriously, and leaving such issues aside, I am looking forward to Martin’s thoughts and comments on a country which is high on my list of places to visit.


      2. Since the Daily Mail’s new editorship, I’m told that the real teeth-grinders and pitchfork-wavers have gone over to the DE, Paul.

        But yes, I too am very interested in what’s to come from Martin.

        If you have any French or Italian, then that might get you by where they don’t have English, I understand, since Romanian is a sister language.

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  3. “How I wish I could get a ticket for Cityโ€™s game at Fulham, but thatโ€™s the downside of being a johhny-come-lately fan.”

    Too bad I didn’t know you back in the early 70’s. Me Mom’s Dad was a Fulham fan.
    (and my Dad was Chelsea… imagine the get togethers!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Five points for each book named.”

    I think 15 points would be my limit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “I may have been the only person on the 6X on mid-afternoon Tuesday, ”

    Now you’re just showing off to Si. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “Even with its silly cushions.”

    I think in London that’s called ‘art deco’.

    “some evidence of visiting Brummies from when Fulham werenโ€™t a proper Prem team,”

    Thank goodness (?) both my grandfather and father can’t argue about this. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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