Not many trips to Paddington, or to Kensington in recent years. Matt was there the other month for some skatepark underneath the A40, and raved about the Portobello Market, so I gave that a miss to bring you a bit of local community colour.

More expensive than your Bass mirror collection

The Windsor Castle is one of those famous London pubs that never get in the Beer Guide, like the Cittie of Yorke or, er, London Pub.

I’ve seen better signs (just up the road at the Churchill Arms, for instance).

But my mood lifts as soon as I enter through the wrong door.

Sherry ?
Mind your head !

Loads of low doors, all of which I headbutted, to universal acclaim.

Loads of rooms, too, so a difficult choice about where to sit and eavesdrop.

Proper seats

A sort of cross between the Free Press and the Queens Head, to use a Cambridge comparator, with clientele to match.

The Old Boy in rainbow braces and green corduroy was clearly the star with his Frank Muir lilt, but sadly he was settling the bill. Probably not for a dozen packets of scratchings.

So I joined the room with a couple of German businessmen debating folk who waited till after 11/11 to get their poppies half-price.

When that conversation lulled I retired to the liveliest room. The giveaway is the two bottles of water.

No-one was clogging the bar; it’s a civilised place, with a civilised beer range.

In the main;

Stop this craft filth

I chose the Landlord again, figuring it couldn’t be worse than at Little Venice. And it was certainly cooler, but a bit syrupy and unconvincing (NBSS 2.5) “Never drink Landlord in London” shouts someone.

Still, it was only Β£5.20 a pint. A small price to pay to visit this wood panelled gem. They’re famous and they know it.


    1. well yes, it could be said of a lot of beer/pubs in London for sure, I mean I would always go for Landlord because its a recognition that the landlord has made the effort to put it on, its not a beer for the feint hearted cellarman to keep, and if they are making the effort I owe them the effort to at least try it…though Im often left rueing my decision.

      certainly Β£5.20 is the norm in that part of London, even in a grim Greene King/Taylor Walker I found last week full of Chelsea fans, it was Β£5.20 for a pint of Sambrookes


      1. Have you ever had a fantastic pint of Sambrooks. I’ve still got their Tap to visit so probably their best chance to impress, but can’t believe anyone is a big fan.

        I understand your logic for Landlord entirely.


  1. “Sherry ?”

    I believe Sherry Bar is the current landlord. πŸ˜‰

    “So I joined the room with a couple of German businessmen debating folk who waited till after 11/11 to get their poppies half-price.”

    Pfft. Just put them in drawer for next year. πŸ™‚

    “The giveaway is the two bottles of water.”

    Good lord! Don’t they know di-hydrogen monoxide can be deadly in sufficient quantities?

    “Stop this craft filth”

    Easy Peeler? Isn’t that rather suggestive?

    “I chose the Landlord again,”

    What? You had a go at Sherry Bar? (LOL)



  2. That really does look like an exceptional one. You’ve got to commend people who could have ripped out a lot of wood out to “update” things, but instead had the good sense to simply put up a plaque that says MIND YOUR HEAD.

    I’m always rooting for Landlord. I’d probably be like you, ordering it in the hopes they’ve kept it right this time. πŸ™‚

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  3. If Hollywood was to design a film set for a pre-War English costume drama pub interior they’d simply copy the ‘snug’ sections of the Windsor Castle – outrageously lovely.

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  4. Windsor Castle was def. in the Guide when I first moved to London 25+ years ago. A Bass stronghold in them days; maybe even serving Charrington IPA. I like Sambrook’s beers, but they’re firmly of the old school. Wandle on a good day is like a cross between Youngs’ Ordinary and Harveys’ Best.


    1. I didn’t start doing the Guide till ’94, but I thought the Windsor Castle seemed a familar name. More than one of them in London, mind.

      Hope I find Sambrooks as good as you describe at their Tap !


      1. Depending which station and route you pick, the walk to Sambrooks Brewery Tap can go through some estates with the potential to be ‘interesting’. πŸ™‚

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