Back to the football/pub/art mash-up highlights packages for you after that brief Lockdown Walk interlude.

Get married and p****d on the same day

What can I tempt you with in Carlisle ?


A cheap B & B

Stayed here twice.  Cheery, and £24.

Even cheaper hair cuts

“Top to Toe”

An ancient post box ?

GBG19 still in there somewhere


This is a fun city, perhaps even more so than Newcastle now the Bigg Market crowd have moved on to craft. Pleasingly, Australian bars seem to have arrived in town near the Bingo hall.

Walking up Botchergate towards the Woodrow Wilson I heard more singing than incomprehensible gabble at 8 o’clock, particularly approaching the House of Vodka.

Sadly my pictures of Fun were erased from my phone as I left Cumbria.


A decent Cathedral and Castle that will fail to thrill anyone who’s been to Rochester, let alone Lincoln, but there’s just enough character in the centre.

Reminiscent of Edinburgh Grassmarket
Where have I seen that before

And some lovely leafy streets out to Brunton Park.

Almost Hampsteadish

Which brings us to;

Proper Football

Always a great away game with Cambridge, and now with a GBG pub opposite the ground. Last time there I had a pint in an Oakwell pub before the match.

£13 ?!  Only cost me £20 to see City in Europe

Not QUITE a relegation battle to stay in the League, but I remember United’s scrappy 1-0 win being greeted euphorically by the Yellow Army singing “Oooh Marvin” to the tune of “Hey Baby“.  The early 2000s were more innocent times.

See the source image
Future BRAPA mascot

The fourth division (aka Div 3 aka League 2) table makes exciting reading for fans of Rushden, Bournemouth, Hull and Swansea.  Three of those would later have the joys of VAR and Sunday kick-offs, while Rushden & Diamonds would come to regret their overambition.

4 points deducted from Boston for failure to provide a Batemans pub in GBG 2003

The Carlisle pub scene looked a bit different back in 2003, but within a decade and a half it was craft. craft, craft.

The Woodrow Wilson was 5 years old and one of the very best Spoons I reckon, and seems to be fighting off the competition with the BrewDog next doors by sticking to Magners and giving you the best lacings in Cumbria.

Punk cheaper in Spoons as the BD 5 yards closer to the station
Choice alert
Lacings alert

The BrewDog has AC/DC and proper bench seating to tempt you.

I can hear Mudgie screaming

Completing my mini-craft feast, the Fat Gadgie served a pint of Moor Stout I rated NBSS 4.5 AND wasn’t called the Last Zebra, which the Last Zebra was.

Magnificent head

Waddabout Proper Pubs” says Dave.

20 years ago I’d have said “Pint of Theakston in the Howard Arms, Dave“.

Tiling porn

And I still would. It’s immaculate, leaving the wood to shine but making the pub a welcoming place for women, who outnumbered me early evening. The women weren’t obviously there for the State Managed pub cartoons.

Yummy Theakston

Theakston Bitter there, and also in the Joiners, a plain pub just west of town.

Sign of a Proper Pub, RIGHT THERE

Not that there’s anything plain about a Proper Pub, with bench seats round the walls, lunchtime opening and beer mats.

A couple of Old Boys get to choose the music, a mix of Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Cher (not at the same time, that would be daft).  The banter seems to be entirely about folk who have been banned.

Another immaculate boozer

They love their lacings here.

But, but it’s Theakston

I’d finish the night over the river in the Crown & Thistle, which had a Sam Smiths feel, except they were singing “Human” by The Killers and Humphrey wouldn’t like that.

“Or are we human….”
Open pub !

I had to get back to Yummy, my Chinese takeaway of choice.  I’m missing a good Crispy Beef & Singapore Rice more than I’m missing the Bass.


Are you sold on it, then ?


    1. That was the one. A very obvious Sam Smiths purchase; I bet the locals barely noticed the difference. Isn’t that old Oakwell in Kersal due to be a Sam’s or am I dreaming ?


      1. The Racecourse. It was bought by Sam Smith’s but I think had closed before the lockdown. Massive pub with very little potential trade.


  1. A pub called “The Woodrow Wilson”? That must be a rare thing– a pub named after a Yank. Are you aware of any others? I certainly hope not. 😉

    That photo with the “I can hear Mudgie screaming” had me laughing out loud. If I saw seating like that in a pub I might let out a bit of a scream myself.

    I have had the pleasure of Theakston’s Old Peculier, but only in bottled form, and even then, not so many times. Greatly enjoyed it, and can only imagine how good it must be on cask, properly cared for.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s the John Paul Jones in Filey:

      There are also several Man on/in the Moons, including, as Martin will be aware, one in Cambridge, now called the Blue Moon. Some of these were directly inspired by the moon landing.

      I thought a 1950s pub might have been named after Dwight D. Eisenhower, but I can’t find one.


      1. I asked about this on Twitter and people have mentioned a George Washington and a John F. Kennedy. Although it has been pointed out that John Paul Jones was actually born in Scotland 😉


      2. Thanks.

        The John Paul Jones in Whitehaven closed, at least temporarily, due to the marina development.

        I was there at Christmas and it was the one pub name I remembered from GBG past.


  2. Interesting to see the league table from the programme. Hartlepool United have never won any national competition. However you’d have thought they would have had a good chance of the Nationwide Division Three title that season.

    Liked by 1 person

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