Now Dick and Dave have had their craft fix I can bring you the Proper Pubs in Carlisle.


Ten minutes walk up Warwick Road to the Beehive, and a reminder of Carlisle’s leafy charms on the way to Brunton Park.

Love Autumn, me

Pubs look great early evening, don’t they ? Shame I rarely go out after dusk these days.

Tell-tale Greene King signs

it’s a cheery pub, packed with middle-aged diners and folk pontificating on the Prem.

A bit like the Pontefract or Leeds GK place, going strong on the guest ales to cement its GBG place.


The Tiffin Gold was fine, and cheap, but my photo makes it look a little sad, sadly. Come on matchdays and wear a Workington scarf.

As Curtis Mayfield sang as I left, “Move on up“. Well, west.

Take a mate

Back in town I ordered my crispy beef and Singapore rice from Yummy’s, a Top 20 takeaway, and wondered what to do while I waited.

Evensong at the Cathedral ? A walk up Scafell ? A tour of a nuclear plant ?

OK, the Howard Arms it is then.


Do not resist

Traditionally the go-to pub pre-match for folk who favour Theakston in trad pubs over “choice“, it’s just survived refurbishment, if not Halloween.

Spotless apart from cobwebs

While the barman fulfilled a Prosecco order I inspected the refurbishment.


Well, it’s immaculate, leaving the wood to shine but making the pub a welcoming place for women, who outnumbered me early evening.

Rather different from the Howard’s heyday as a State managed house, or 1996 for that matter.

Old cartoons were never that funny, unless you compare them to Kegbuster
1973 and all that

I can’t remember what the beers were, but it was always going to be Theakston Best, wasn’t it ?


Less predictably, it was £3.80. Cheap in Manchester, steep for Carlisle.

But I’d rather pay £3.80 for a gorgeous cool, smooth pint (NBSS 3.5) in a beautiful pub like this than, oh, you write the rest.


E.L.O. and R.E.M. (what’s wrong with E.L.P.  ?) your musical accompaniment.

Spookily, the lacings clearly resemble Jeff Lynne if you stare at the glass for 3 minutes.


A great night, rounded off in true retiredmartin style with proper English food.


Jealous, heh ?


  1. You never hear ELP in pubs nowadays, do you?

    I take it you didn’t go in the best State Management survivors such as the Cumberland, Redfern and Magpie (2/3 of which are keg)?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Etu,
        Yes, and the line “We are the Draught Beer Preservation Society” was perhaps a prediction of CAMRA being founded three years later.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Since what typifies the English is their fondness for various preservation societies, such as CAMRA, we should start a movement for the protection of preservation societies, only logically.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the best Carlisle had looked to me. I’ve had it as a stop on several trip options but it never seems like a decent beer town. These pubs look quite nice.

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  3. Despite all the reading I’ve done on pubs I don’t think I’ve learned much about these state-managed pubs. They couldn’t have been too bad if some of them survived until 1973.

    Funny to think that the idea of introducing food was something that had to be forced upon presumably reluctant landlords. How times have changed!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. “Serving food meant employing staff, being inspected, being more welcoming to women and children etc”.
        I can think of some establishments where only “being inspected” applies.


      2. Ha 😉

        Yes, there are traditional restaurants where the Landlady makes you a sandwich or heats a pie, but I had the 99% that present you with a proper menu in mind.


      3. But so many establishments have menus on every table, rather than a customer being presented with one, and it’s not a proper menu if the dozens of items on it are microwaved ready meals.


  4. “Evensong at the Cathedral ? A walk up Scafell ? A tour of a nuclear plant ?

    OK, the Howard Arms it is then.”

    Now that is a great decision! Also the Theakston Best.

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