Last time out you got a programme from 67-68, the year Manchester City began their 50 year dominance of the League Manchester.

Nine years later, we have Workington‘s last year in the League, and the start of Cambridge’s rise to glory, as we raid the Steve Earl programme bundle and visit lovely Vetch Field, home of the Jacks.

Tenby marked for our American readers
12p irritating price I always thought.
Subject to VAR review

Swansea’s programme was a sign of the times.

Workington too hard to have first names
If you can pronounce them the job’s yours

Four years later, the Swans were top of the entire League under Toshack, but four more years they were bottom and nearly closed down. Sadly the collieries didn’t survive.

The Vetch, of course, was famed for having the worst toilets in the League, just behind York’s Bootham Crescent.  Legend has it that after a Hull Tigers away match in 2004 Simon waited till Newark Station for a wee.

Another 25 years and I was making regular trips to the flashy new Liberty Stadium, where it always rained and my chips got soggy.

But in 2015 I did get to see THIS.

Only one advert for a pub in 76-77, but at least you get dreadful puns AND Whitbread beers from the Uplands Hotel, which could well be the GBG regular the Uplands Tavern.


In 2016 Google Photos decided to doctor my perfectly good photo of Uplands using the little known “Misty Spring Filter”.

Taken by me, enhanced by Google

Swansea and the Mumbles needs no filters, it’s a gorgeous coastline (See also : The Gower).

Swansea may aim to be the Hull of Wales, but it’s more of a Sunderland, which is fine. Bombs and redevelopment took out the historic centre, but the bay along to Mumbles is one of the best in the UK.

And there’s still enough character in Wind Street for aa night out, particularly in the classic double-header of the Spoons and No Sign Bar.

Swansea 2
no sign bar – does what it says on the tin

A decent market, record shops and skate parks, and a plentiful supply of Spoons, which can make up for other failings.

I followed the Cask Marque inspector into the Potter’s Wheel (he had thermometers in his top pocket) but resisted the temptation to ask him for an advance sponsor’s copy of the next Good Beer Guide.

I’d have been interested to see what he made of the beer.  Incidentally, I noticed he was drinking his samples from pint glasses, proving what I’ve been saying for years.

Mrs RM resisting the cask in the Spoons

Last time here, and it was a few years ago now, we walked to Mumbles. What a marvel.

Image result for mumbles
View to Mumbles Pier

We started with the best ice cream outside Naples in Joe’s, followed by fish and chips from Yallops that was just as good, all washed down with Bass in the Pilot.

Classic Bass pumpclip

A top 10 Bass experience, probably the best in Wales.


And the micro round the corner was a quirky genteel boozer as well.

Mumbles Ale House

No change in four years, but change is overrated, as you’re finding out now.


Despite Swansea’s reputation for curry, we’ve had tea in Awa Grill House on College Street the last two visits; the best mixed kebabs I’ve had in years, and much cheaper than Cardiff.


15 thoughts on “SWANSEA – JACKASTORY

  1. Mrs. E. and I parked up just outside Swansea, and walked to the Mumbles, the last time that we were there.

    We went to the Pilot.

    We had fish and chips from Yallops.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I hadn’t read your previous fine blog on Swansea then as far as I recall Martin, so it perhaps says something about us, about the Mumbles, or about both?

        Incidentally, there was a tea shop part way round on the coast path, in an interesting old building – I’m trying to remember what it was.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Is that Matt or James in the photo behind the Ferret pump clip desperately clasping his hands together over his despair that he is too young to have a pint of Bass?


  3. That recruitment advert for “Experienced underground men and fit men for training” reminds me that proper equal opportunities hadn’t reached South Wales by the time Thatcher closed all the collieries.

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  4. 2 points for a win seems so old fashioned, then a bit of research tells me Scotland kept it until the mid 90s!


    1. Suggestion is when the Premier League restarts it’ll be 2 points a win. Also 2 points a draw, 2 points a defeat, 20 minutes a half, all players wearing plastic visors, no referees, no crowd, all games played in Singapore. Sounds fair.

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  5. Super stuff. The Vetch was one of my earliest away games. Reading were promoted from Div 4 the season before your programme. Enjoying the inclusion of progs – a welcome feature that I hope survives the lockdown years. Nothing about imperial measurements though…,,

    Liked by 1 person

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