Another trip to the Co-op, another stroll round an empty Cambridge, another hour spent surveying the sad sight of locked up pubs.

Cambridge Blue

A few are bravely staying open for takeouts, the legendary Cambridge Blue offering 4 beers from the barrel. If I’d been walking town with an empty jug I’d have been very tempted.

Into Romsey Town where the Empress, as quirky a community local as any in Cambridge, has had yet another repainting.


10 years since it won local Pub of the Year, and still an essential stop on the way from the station to the Abbey.

Into the close knit streets south of the University, and a couple of less essential ticks for the Cambridge crawler in years past.

The Snug/Spread Eagle
Cross Keys

I can’t remember the Spread Eagle, much too lively for me, but the Cross Keys was a popular place to take American visitors when my beer knowledge extended as far as Greene King IPA. Americans knew no better, either. Its incarnation as a “Japas” bar says it all.

Next to Japas we have the memorial to Thomas Hobson, supplier of horses, a famous phrase and clean water to Cambridge.

Hobson Conduit

Rumours that bottles of Hobsons Choice Bitter from the 17th century are still to be found on Fenland garden centre gift racks are largely unfounded.

An hour isn’t long for a walk, even when you’re not dodging cyclists.

Enough time to admire the Polar Institute, which houses Scott’s 1910 GBG that led him on a misguided attempt to tick a rumoured South Pole micro.

Polar Institute

Cambridge undoubtedly looks lovely at the moment, but with all pubs, cafes, museums and loos closed it’s not a place to linger.

Still, beats walking round the garden waiting for Mrs RM to find me errands.


    1. So is the Loch Ness Monster and I wouldn’t chance a swim in there. And you know the first time I spent longer than hour there’d be the sort of hate mail on here you normally only get on Mumsnet. So I’ll stick tothe hour till it’s relaxed.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Having never surfed Mumsnet, I’ll take your word for it, although I imagine the site is like an extended version of the “playground mafia.”


  1. Some lovely photos there, which serve to remind me that I’ve never been drinking in Cambridge.

    Must rectify that as soon as this wretched lockdown is over. 🍺


    1. Christine and I would love to take you round Cambridge, Paul.

      I’m not the greatest fan of my home town (it’s too flat) but I reckon we have the best UK architecture and pubs outside Manchester.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that RM should run a sweep on when the pubs will re-open.

        Can I have 1 April 2024 please ?


      1. Yes, I remembered the retired bit. It was the michael bit that kept giving me 404 errors.


  2. Bad job when a bit of a bug leads to the closure of all of the pubs. At least bottle conditioned “Proper Job” is on offer in Aldi.

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