“WARNING: This is a Proper Pub”

Well, we’ll be the judge of that, won’t we ? First stop in Sussex (West) is that intriguing breed, the community-owned pub. Balcombe’s Half Moon could be one of those all-out gastros that guarantee gentkefolk a supply of £7.95 sandwiches, or one of the drinking clubs where middle-class pashmina wearers block the bar and the… Continue reading “WARNING: This is a Proper Pub”


You’ll be delighted to hear that, following discussions between myself and our readers in Kent and Ireland, brokered by Kofi Annan, I have agreed to discontinue the weird “paint effect” filter. Instead, I bring you Chepstow in black and white, which I hope you like. Actually, it looked like a black and white town in… Continue reading LIPSMACKIN’ CHEPSTOW