(with apologies to Bono).

My extensive spreadsheets show the Garibaldi was my sixth Guide tick in ravishing Redhill.

Loads going on here

Which is odd, as I can only remember stopping there once.  In 1998, on the way to Gatwick for a work assignment in Zimbabwe memorable for jacaranda trees and bayonets rather than Harare pubs.

Actually, I jumped off the train at the suburb of Earlswood, because I can, and because then I can note the Joshua Tree pub there and maintain my tenuous U2 thread.

It’s hard to make notes as you’re walking at 5mph up a hill, but I reckoned Redhill looked mighty fine if you ignored the A23.

Future Brunning & Price

The Garibaldi is a community-owned pub, which always sends a shiver down my spine.

Looks lovely though

It can mean locals blocking the door and the bar, treating the pub as their personal property (which I guess it is), resentful of the visitors a GBG entry brings in their millions.

There was just me.  Use it or lose it, folks.  Even on a Monday afternoon.

Wobbly photo

Unpretentious,pubby and plain, just as I like it.  The 2007 GBG, from the last year before you-know-what killed many pubs like this, is a nice touch.

My book will be called “1 beer you must try before you die”

Three beers, all local enough to be great or rubbish. Being a pilgrim, of sorts, I went for the Pilgrim Longhorn.

What a beer should look like

It looked and tasted superb, easily a 3.5.  Think how good it would be with two dozen drinkers to keep the pumps flowing.

After the initial pleasantries “Afternoon”, “How’s it going ?”, “Oooh, is that local” etc the Guvnor went back to reading his paper. As Si will know, being the only visitor to a pub has its social challenges.


Decent views from the back of the Surrey countryside.

Future micro shed just there

But I needed urban sprawl, where the streets have no names (yet).

Welcome to Redhill sign obscured

Nothing has changed since 1998, it seems.

Possibly a classic

Making a mental note to revisit the Spoons, I took the train to Dorking, accompanied by 376 schoolchildren, none of whom would be joining me in my next pub.



  1. That pub had a pub quiz on when we visited and it was the toughest I’ve ever heard. Top quality beer and very friendly that night. The Pilgrim Brewery Tap in nearby Reigate was also excellent. But that’s probably your next post…..


  2. Reigate – beautiful town. I can only imagine what a house costs there. I remember cycling from Guildford to Sevenoaks one hot summers day five years ago. I see I should have stopped for refreshments at the Garibaldi.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Abbot was known locally as The Stabbot. Surprisingly it was only built in the late 90’s and has closed down already. Was always a bit ‘lively’.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Unfortunately it wasn’t. About the only pub I would actively avoid if in the area. Its only redeeming feature was that they designed it architecturally to fit in with the adjoining buildings.

        Liked by 1 person

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