The drive from tourist Lake District through Ambleside and Keswick and Bassenthwaite Lake to Workington, the jewel of the west. “Jewel” as in Jewel Kilcher, faded beauty from Payson, Utah, of course.

I think it fairest to say Mrs RM “tolerated” this trip to Workie on the basis that I could clear the two later openers nearby and NEVER HAVE TO BE DRAGGED BACK HERE AGAIN.

But she really liked Great Broughton’s Punch Bowl, just outside Ulverston, despite having to park on cobbles.

17:00 opening says What Pub, but it looked inviting at 16:57 so in we went.

There’s Mrs RM’s bench seat, to the left.

It appeared there was no-one about and we were just about to say “Let’s pour ourselves a pint and nick the Bass jug” when a voice from round the corner said “Hello”.

Warm and welcoming, a community pub (actually run by volunteers_ that welcomes visitors (rather than a pub reclaimed by Cotswolders as a restaurant/creche).

Rugby League photos, Van Morrison Greatest Hits soundtrack, superb local Stout (NBSS 3.5+) and you get the prize if you can identify the brewery as I can’t.

It’s all happening here this weekend;

Last Friday was Crisp Friday. Locals brought huge bags of Pipers (let’s assume that since they sponsor me even if they don’t know it), brought us a dish, and Mrs RM filled her boots.

Well, actually her face. Filling your boots with crisps would be daft.


  1. I think this idea of a “Crisps Night” needs to be spread far and wide. It’s the only thing I ever want to order when I’m having beer. Preferably salt and vinegar. 😁

    I was going to ask what an egg dump was, but now I’m suddenly frightened to know the answer…

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