A quick look at our accommodation options last Friday revealed the downside of travelling to the Lakes at Easter.

These were the options around Coniston, Ambleside and Windermere. How do people afford to holiday in this country ? Budget hotel prices have rocketed this last year.

Still. There’s always Workington. While Mrs RM dreamed of bijou Bed & Breakfast I booked Cumbria’s newest Travelodge.

Before we head there, my last really central Cumbrian tick, the Tower Bank Arms right next to Beatrix Potter’s Lakeland home.

Beatrix is famous for Victorian works such as The Tailor (sic) of Gloucester, the story of a famous pub ticker who becomes a mouse in order to get into unexpectedly closed Gloucestershire micros under the door.

Mrs RM stayed in the car park, working out whether booking a Travelodge in Workington was grounds for divorce, while I nipped in the National Trust run “boozer”.

My, what ornate handpumps.

Obviously it isn’t a “boozer”; the menu has Potted Chicken Liver and Pistachio Pate for lunch, but it is charmingly unfussy (and tiny), and the barmaid says “Nice one fella” when I give her the exact coinage.

Nice one fella” will not be found anywhere in the Potter canon, I wager.

I sit in the sun, next to the pot plants, but they’re unnecessary as the Hawkshead is an easy 3.5, cool and rich. Blimey, this is going too well.

It won’t last.


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