I didn’t sleep very comfortably last Thursday in our campervan parked on Drigg beach, but it saved about £90 and that’s £90 for halves of Loweswater Gold and a container of Singapore Rice.

Friday was a gorgeous day, and catching the Lakes just before the schools broke up meant an easy drive from coast to Coniston.

Yes, I was letting Mrs RM be a Lakes tourist.

“I’m not climbing THAT !” she said, and I pretended it was perfect reasonable to come to Coniston and not climb the Old Man (it’s a hill, Russ, if you ever read this).

So we had scarmbled eggs and salmon on sourdough in the Green housekeeper for breakfast, and admired the pub where I once scored Coniston Bluebird a 5. Halifax Chris was there last month and found it a bit quiet.

Actually, Coniston was far quieter than I expected, despite me bringing the blue skies with me.

It’s charming,

and one for fans of slate,

but I was glad when the Yewdale opened on the dot of noon, allowing me to win a staring contest with a group of lads who’d also been perched on the wall looking to beat me to the door.

NO-ONE beats Retired Martin to the door. Perhaps I should let them, more chance of getting the second pint pulled then.

Again, better pics from Chris on his blog, but one photo possibly tells you all you need.

Nice staff, they always are, and a decent Loweswater Gold (3) but where’s the Coniston beer ?

Anyway, stop complaining, Taylor. You’re sitting in the sun outside a Lakes pub while your wife drives you round your Cumbrian ticks.

Fair point.


  1. You went to Coniston and drank at the Yewdale but not the Sun or the Bull? You have my deepest sympathy. (Or are you keeping them up your sleeve for the next blog?)


      1. But Lewes has got Harveys brewery which nowhere else has.
        From Blackfriars Bridge last Friday lunchtime and Sunday afternoon the crowds outside the Globe Theatre and Tate Modern suggested that London was VERY busy.
        I had a great day in Lewes with Citra nearly three years ago and in normal times would have stopped off there and had a night in Brighton on my way home last weekend.
        I remember an ancient Barclays Lager cowl on a bar counter towards the rear of the Lewes’s White Hart Hotel.


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