“In The City there’s a thousand pubs but one I need to do”

Yes, a sneaky Jam reference to herald a second visit to the Smoke since life returned on the Heaventeenth, sneaked into a visit to my parents (yes, Chung Hwa was visited). You’ll remember that in August I prepared this lovely map of my central ticking needs, and James and I managed to walk from Camden… Continue reading “In The City there’s a thousand pubs but one I need to do”


One more post before the September Stocktake, which for a change will be virtually up-to-date. We had real fun finding a hotel close to the coast, eventually getting an apartment (wait a minute) on the edge of Eastbourne. I’m with holding judgement and reviews till I get the deposit back. Golly, ideally placed for two… Continue reading POLEGATE – FAIR DINKUM


  Especially for our American readers, this is Trump-inspired global warming in Sussex.  20 degrees Centigrade and still February, gentlefolk in short sleeves, tickers in meltdown.. It didn’t last long, but our early summer brought folk to the coast, staring aimlessly at the sea, debating that cup of tea and a scone, popping in Boots… Continue reading SHOREHAM : SUMMER IN FEBRUARY


Three pubs to visit in Brighton & Hove (Albion) to finish East Sussex, so I’d picked the reliable if dingy Travelodge in Preston Park. The walk through Brighton suburbia toward Hove is alternative tourism at its best. On the way I tried to make sure I didn’t hear the City v Chelsea score, as I… Continue reading HOVE’S BLIND BUSKER – A STERLING EFFORT

“WARNING: This is a Proper Pub”

Well, we’ll be the judge of that, won’t we ? First stop in Sussex (West) is that intriguing breed, the community-owned pub. Balcombe’s Half Moon could be one of those all-out gastros that guarantee gentkefolk a supply of £7.95 sandwiches, or one of the drinking clubs where middle-class pashmina wearers block the bar and the… Continue reading “WARNING: This is a Proper Pub”