“I think it’s off” says Mrs RM. “No, it’s supposed to be a bit tart” I say.

April 2023.

I’ve been skipping the GBG completed chapter pics because, well, my heart’s not in it.

But I still can’t look at a page of the Guide with unticked pubs with anything other than unease, and it was good to put (the entirely fictitious) East Yorkshire to bed.

The Bosville Arms is the annual “new Yorkshire Wolds Guide pub between Brid and Driff it’s hard to get to“, so I’m grateful for Mrs RM’s company. Last year’s A614 diversion was in Harpham, which must have been bad as I didn’t blog about it and it lasted just that one season in the GBG.

Rudston is the quietest place on earth that isn’t Clun, lacking the fish and chip trade along the routes to Filey and Scarbs, and notable only for a 25 foot monolith, the tallest in the UK, in the churchyard.

No, I can’t see the point of it either. Just like Stonehenge.

More usefully, folk have been attaching coins to one of the gravestones, lest a weary traveller should forget his purse and need a tick in the village pub.

If you’d arrived before 2021 you’d have found the pub closed. Yes, another community-rescued country inn escorted into the GBG.

Great sign.

We arrived at 14:18, and Mrs RM hurried inside while I admired the lamp.

Surely not Bass here, in East Yorkshire. Nope.

Before I order, the jovial landlord says “If you’re wanting to eat, food service stopped 20 minutes ago“.

Now, I’m not sure we did want to eat, we’d just turned down a chippy in Withernsea, but I couldn’t help be surprised at a pub stopping food at 2pm on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Just us, one other family, and Simon Le Bon.

That’s the Durannies most popular track on Spotify, you know.

Mrs RM surveyed the Rudgate Ruby she’d been charged with drinking.

“I think it’s off”. I took a swig.

“No, no I think the mild is supposed to have a tartness about it”. I had no clue.

Well I’M not drinking it”. There was half left by now.

And I’m not taking it back either. The landlord was a cheery chap and I didn’t want to upset him. And besides, it’s a community pub, that’s practically a charity.

Then I did what all beer people do when they want an authoritative answer to a beer question. I consulted BRAPA.

Oh. BRAPA had a rubbish beer too, and had to get his Dad to take it back. If only we all had a Bernard Everitt !

And then a couple of dog walkers came in and the chap ordered the Ruby.

Will he notice anything wrong with his beer ? If he does, will he say anything ?.

No. No he didn’t.

17 thoughts on ““I think it’s off” says Mrs RM. “No, it’s supposed to be a bit tart” I say.

  1. We used to go through the Wolds on our way to Brid when my Nanna lived there -I thought they were so boring -my views have changed now -a secret gem ! Loved the tale about the bad beer

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    1. I have fond memories of the Sun in Clun and Mrs B and I stayed at the White Horse just up the road a few years ago. Great county, Shropshire.

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  2. On reflection it may have been 1978, the year we had a pilgrimage to do the four home brew pubs in the Bible and took a slight diversion from Bishops Castle to Clun. This was pre-marriage, we drove down to Helston collected my girlfriend later wife’s college friends in the Midlands on the way. The things you do for love…

    p.s I was very young when I saw the light and joined CAMRA.

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    1. I’ve realised that I got round the four home brew pubs eighteen years before I got married and a year after I joined CAMRA which was fifty years ago.

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  3. It was a sad day when WB ceased being printed, much to my wife’s annoyance I kept all copies of the publication which now live in my loft, they are safe though as the boss has never been in the loft. I don’t recall the Mudge letters. Perhaps on a rainy day I will check or perhaps not.

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  4. Sadly, within pubs, there seldom seems to be any sign of mere dog walkers any more, nor even of dog lovers.

    No, we have instead dog worshippers Dog Friendly People.


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