April 2023.

How many Britons could place Withernsea on a map ?

Admit it. Even the “sea” isn’t a giveaway. Whittlesea is nowhere near the coast, nor is Waterbeach.

No railway, a bumpy old ride east out from Hull, and no Wetherspoons when you get there.

But they have sea,

and chips,

and ice cream with Pear Drops sauce,

and even a micro pub I rated highly back in 2018.

Mrs RM would have preferred to go in the Old Boatshed, but it’s Captain Williams making a Guide debut, one of those ultra-rare small hotel GBG entries you get in the “value” end of the British seaside (Southport, Skeggy etc).

You thought Dab was a German beer style, didn’t you ?

Quite why they’ve changed the name from Marine Hotel is anyone’s guess, but I suppose they don’t want you coming in asking for Tetley, oh no.

Loads of bunting up here, in contrast with unpatriotic North Lincs.

If only I’d waited 2 minutes later that middle pump clip would have turned round and revealed Plum Porter,

but the Boltmaker was cool and crisp enough (3), and the pub a minor joy with comfortable seating and naff pop at just the right volume,

And the tat ?

Nearly all acquired from a recent Salvation Army yard sale, I suspect.

I’m having that one above as my next Twitter selfie, as soon as I confirm that fish is a Bass.


  1. I once read a trip advisor review for Withernsea. It concerned a big crowd gathered around an event that was happening. It was two rats fighting in a pit. The writer said it was the most exciting thing they saw in the town all week.

    Some relatives of ours had a caravan there for a number of years. Turned out it was all about the dogging scene.

    Never been, no desire to go

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