You might think it rather telling that my “featured image” (above) for Withernsea is a visualisation of what the Prom might look like one day; I couldn’t possibly comment.

My massive master GBG spreadsheet tells me this is my first ever pub in “Withered“, as its friends probably call it. But I’ve clearly been here before, the Navigator never lies.

Grimsby cut out at bottom

I knew it was a “traditional” cheap ‘n’ cheerful resort, as we could have camped there last Easter for about a fiver. Mrs RM said no.

Without Mrs RM to stop me, I made my way along the prom before the new micro pub opened at 4.  Look at the Old Boat Shed’s What Pub page closely.


I’ll start with the Withernsea positives.

It does have sand, which is good for a beach resort.


And a little lookout you can sit in and hide from BRAPA.

Top hiding place

And a view to some distant land, full of mystery and eastern delight (actually it’s Bridlington).

Brid ahoy

And some historic photographic panels that show what it was like before aeroplanes and craft beer meant folk from Hull had to come here on charabancs for their holidays.

Old photos

And a sort of outside entertainments arena where Bruce Springsteen is booked to play next year, perhaps.

Withernsea Live !!!

And the lighthouse was atmospheric as the sun pierced through.

Lighthouse, future craft beer bar

And the terrace Catholic Church is a classic.


And finally, it does have a British Legion, though the mobility scooter needs a bit of work.

We Are Legion

But the “famous” chippy was closed, always a bad sign at a resort I assumed got year round trade from Hull’s gentlefolk and haddock connoisseurs.

Closed chippies

On the downside, the central area was a bit rundown, and not just because the clock was wrong.

2018 Withernsea

The shops were “interesting“.

Gothic emporium

I nearly bought Simon a present, but the scarf shop was shut.


I thought the pubs…

Ex-Bass, now owned by Net Curtain Taverns
Plans for 2016 refurbishment on hold

…unprepossessing, to use the long word.

At 4pm I walked up to the Old Boatshed, by some way the smartest place in town. The sign on the door said “Open at 4pm“. You know how this one goes.

Can I HELP you ?)

Are you open ?”

There were 3 people in there, all eager to confirm they weren’t open, and should “come back in about half an hour“.

Old Boatshed

You don’t get that in Marston’s or Greene King pubs, do you ? Just as well there was one chippy open, well done Lifeboat Fish & Chips.

£6 for this lot, served by pleasant staff.

Proper food

20 minutes later….

Who ate all the chips ?
Resist ! Resist !

All was well with the world, as long as the Boatyard was open.

It wasn’t of course, so I wobbled round the block for ten minutes.

And then it was open,

Of course we’re open

As I approached the bar,

What can I get ya ?”


It’s Great Newsome, then

But that’s the grumpiness over.  Pleasant, chatty people, proper seating, and some fantastic beer.

Gorgeous stout

That stout was hard to fault, especially as it was first out of the pumps.  Cool, rich and foamy, NBSS 4.

Beermats ahoy !

All was well with Withernsea, which the Tourist Board can have for their slogan if they want.


Even better, the nice lady chased me down the street after I left my OS map.   A Pub Man without his Explorer would have been ever grumpier than usual.  Thanks for that.







42 thoughts on “A FISH TEA IN WITHERNSEA

  1. Sand ! You call that sand ?
    There’s more sand in a French Foreign Legionnaire’s sock.
    Mind you,that is a proper portion of fish and chips missing only a couple of slices of manky bread and marge.
    Withernsea – where nowt ‘appens fast.

    And in other news today is the first time pubs have been allowed to open in Ireland on Good Friday.

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  2. How much does the sparkler affect the quality of the lacings? Do you see more lacing of quality in the north? Or is lacing discern able from the sparkler head you get?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I have often wondered because of the frequency of northern lacing versus the lack of southern lacing. The inquisition is settled amicably.

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  3. I enjoyed reading this -the micro pub looks like a good ‘un & fish & chips spot on (did fish have skin on ? they tend to do this in East Yorkshire but not in West ) Despite living within 60 miles of Withernsea for 40 years ,think I have visited maybe once -looking at your photos,I know why ! My husband however was a regular at the caravan site but that is another story

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  4. Mention that “folk from Hull had to come here … for their holidays” reminds me of working in the Hull Brewery over forty years ago and one of the employees who way exceeded his two pints a day ‘allowance’ taking his family for a weeks holiday there and being so grateful for getting back to work and being on free beer again.
    That windmill suggests that Withernsea could do with a brewery like Adnams to liven it up.
    The clock was wrong but at least it was a proper clock.

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  5. “It does have sand, ”

    That certainly does help. Almost all of our beaches on Vancouver Island are small rocks and pebbles. Not enough wave action to turn them into sand.

    “Withernsea Live !!!”

    I would’ve sworn that was the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. 😎

    “And the lighthouse was atmospheric as the sun pierced through.”

    Taking the photo just a tad earlier would have been better. 😉

    “though the mobility scooter needs a bit of work.”


    “I nearly bought Simon a present, but the scarf shop was shut.”

    Next time, might I suggest a scarf with L**ds on it. 😏

    “Cool, rich and foamy, NBSS 4.”


    “All was well with Withernsea, which the Tourist Board can have for their slogan if they want.”

    ‘Sea’ above. 😝


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      1. “I thought it was made in factories in Hull.”

        That’s only celebrity sand for those rich enough to buy their own islands. 😎

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  6. This one had a nice “Well, they can’t *all* be winners” quality to it. 😉 America and England are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to small towns that have seen better days. The photo you captioned “Amusements” could’ve been taken in any number of slightly shabby American towns I’ve been to (and hastened to move on from).

    But that fish and chips meal looked very tasty indeed. 🙂


    1. Mark hits the bail on the head here. There is a certain quality possessed of these quiet, unfashionable sea side towns. To be fair Withernsea has never been the jewel of the east Yorkshire coast. It does however have something, something that its better felt on a grey mid week afternoon in October than at the height of the season.

      Again Mark is correct on his appreciation of the Haddock and chips, they look top drawer.

      Great Newsome make some decent beer too, all the better for being Locale.

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